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Stats Request & Update by Vellichor, 01-13-2019, 01:42 AM
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This way please for updating your passport, Filligrims transfers, magic declaration and Varwulfar registration.
Questions & Concerns
Cultural Mixing? by HeartQuintessence, 09-01-2018, 02:31 PM
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Have a question or concern regarding Totem and the world of Nordlys? You're in just the right spot. Welcome to the Customer Service section - come right in and we'll assist you. Watch out for the pygmies though, they're curious, mischievous little things.
Bugs & Fixes
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All of Totem's bugs and fixes to help things run smoothly are posted here as a bulletin for all to see. Have an issue of your own? You can share it here, and the Nordlysian authorities will get right to it.

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