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The capitol of Nordlys. Nestled above towering sea cliffs is the city of Morthalion, reaching from the highest tower to the blue lagoon below. White cobblestone, tappestries and colour can be found wherever you turn in this vibrant and lively place. The veins of this city can be seen from a far with canals lining each street right to its heart and many great establishments both famous and notorious can be found behind every corner. At the highest rung of Morthalion's ladder is the cidatel - the seat of King Hessander IV - perched high above the city with a breaktaking view of the bay from eastwatch to westwatch.
The Citadel
Hierarch Square
  • The Dragon's Beard Tavern
  • Belkor's Arms and Armor
  • Fang & Fur
  • Rossa Rosa Bordello
  • The Grand Library
  • The Arena
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    The heartwood region of Nordlys, with the array of the Heartwood with it's frigid northern reaches and warmer southern regions, with the cold sphere of the tumble beach and an array of pleasant havens to be found.

    LANDS LOCATED HERE: Heartwood (North)
    Cosmos Cove
    The Protected Valley
    Tumble Beach
    Leif's Lagoon
    Heartwood (South)
    Westwatch and Eastwatch
    Hinterlands |
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    The hinterlands region is a mountainous and misty region of Grimnodas. It ranges from the Vale of Flor to the Crux Mountains, it is all a beautiful and at times very dangerous place to traverse.

    Ferifolk Fields
    Vale of Flor
    Mire of Silence
    Crux Mountains
    Hinterlands (South)
    Needle River
    Hinterlands (North)
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    the tundra region is a harsh and brutal landscape, mountainous and frigid in it's weather. Here you'll find the artic waters around it with the grey and white landscape.

    LOCATIONS IN THIS AREA: Western Approach
    Balad Coast
    Eastern Frontier
    Atlas Mountain
    Cape Ash
    Lonely Mountain
    Snow Sea of Desper

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