Halla Pegasus Warden of the Isles Novice
Alignment Species Rank Buff
30 Mare — she/her 16.0hh 960ʜs
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Bathed in moonlight, Aylin is the daughter of the stars. Her withers are a cracked opal, rivulets of blue and purple that cascade down her shoulders in fine, tapering lines. From these line grow two wings, impressive and cerulean, fading at her choosing and pulsing a faint blue light. They are translucent in appearance, but carry a willowy strength, like the indomitable limbs of some archaic tree.

From her crest spills a silver mane, long rivulets that curl and wave with the breeze. Each strand is clearly untamed, evidence of her Wanderer heart and her wild spirit. In the right light, they seem to carry an iridescent lavender color. Her tail reaches the earth as she walks, carrying along souvenirs of the world around her in the form of branches, twigs, and flowers. She has no complaints for this, a woman all too happy to share in the bounties of the forest.

Built in the robust nature of any stock type horse, she boasts fairly long legs, tapering into rose-grey stockings, as well as dark points around her hip, muzzle and back. Her barrel and neck are thickly muscled, though her head is refined and slender. Her eyes, one gold and one lavender, are framed in thick white lashes, as though snow mottles her visage.

Sturdy, perfectly rounded hooves sustain her weight, shaped by endless travel and tireless exercise. Her left front hoof is painted in the same opalescent decor as her withers, a strange continuation of the abnormality that glitters dazzlingly in the moonlight. For all intents and purposes, she is born of midnight, of milky constellations and pools of white light.

There is a perpetuating softness to her expression, a look that indicates anyone is welcome in her proximity. She is void of judgment or ill-contempt, a proprietor of all things good and an eager hand to coax in omens of wealth and prosperity. A deep kindness resonates from her soul, painted over her features; a smile constantly tugs at her lips, a love for laughter and happiness.

The silver woman is anything but flawless, but from a distance, one might be stricken to lay eyes upon her ethereal blue wings pulsing in and out of existence, or the rolling splendors of her white mane. And she would simply laugh, shaking her head, and dissuading whatever compelled them to look upon her beauty.

"Her silver, witchwood daughter – her child of opal marble – made in Eska’s image, each mottled-blue fragment of her."
- remy, as Eska from Nights in White Satin


Aylin is a woman of intellect. She is perceptive, and at times can be practical - but none of this stops the periodic moment of irrational hope and impossible dreams. Capable of taking pause and considering other options, she lives for the sensation brought about by impulse and freedom. Careful and carefree all at once, she longs for a life of adventure as much as she’s reserved about her hopes and expectations, held back by her own thoughts and insecurities. That being said, she has the utmost confidence in those around her, and can be impressively supportive of even strangers when they show doubt in themselves.

Although neither sheltered nor naive, Aylin is surprisingly optimistic in her outview of others. Fearless of vagabonds and criminals, she is always willing to hear the other side. Intrigued by what makes people act as they do, she readily lends an ear to those that are willing to speak. While she does not necessarily believe she can change anyone, the Silver Wheel is adamant that anyone can change themselves. There are some crimes irredeemable and unforgivable in her eyes, but she is otherwise forgiving to a fault, and the first to offer her friendship to those that ask for it.

For all her readiness to help those around her and to listen to their plights, Aylin is incredibly reserved about herself. Almost entirely unwilling to disclose personal facts or tidbits of her history, she would sooner pan the camera away from herself out of something likened to shame, and can generally be a quiet woman if the only subject of interest is her own life. She thoroughly dislikes the spotlight, and if she were to find herself in it, would be quite likely to blunder about until she could maneuver out of it.

Unfortunately, Aylin frequently falls victim to her own emotions. She loves passionately, and often takes on a maternal stance to those around her - even if they’re older. Loyal until death, she expects the same in return, and is easily devastated when she’s proven wrong. Those that betray her affection would find it hard to earn her forgiveness, but suffice it to say, she’d take a knife for anything or anyone that she once cared for. Moreover, she feels loss deeply and painfully, so much so that a deep compassion for the world around her prevents her from readily seeking to take any life, good or bad, right or wrong, and would sooner put her own existence in jeopardy before she hurt anyone else.

No matter her views of an idealistic world, however, her flares of realism are seen most potently when it comes to romantic love. Skeptical of affection, Aylin is anything but a hopeless romantic, and she regards the idea of matrimony from a comfortable distance away. Her longing for freedom, mixed with a deep loyalty to the mother, Halla, collectively have brought about this fear of settling down. She is loathe to think of the cage Cosmos imposed upon Halla, and the story reflects poorly on her outlook of romance, no matter the happiness her parents shared.

Ultlimately, Aylin is an independent young woman who thrives through helping others while avoiding the limelight herself. Although not quite a pacifist, she would prefer to do no harm, but has both the capacity and the bravery to dish out whatever she must to defend either herself, or those around her. She is a kindly listener, but her own secrecy brings about an implosive nature. Her lifestyle has influenced a love for the arts and for the world around her, a green thumb with a touch-and-go impulse to become a gardener and herbalist. She isn’t quite sure what she’s looking for in the world, but would readily go along for the ride, no matter where it took her.


Aylin was born to two gypsy parents, native Nordlysian artisans who often paid tribute to the Goddess Halla through their work, and whom they also named their daughter for. She was brought up a religious girl, taught to be trusting and kind to those around her, regardless of if they were more or less fortunate than her. Moreover, her parents tended to her education diligently. Whether or not all that she was taught is true, however, is the question, as her father was prone to tall tales and exaggeration. Still, she was taught early on to speak clearly and precisely, scarcely delving into slang or even swears. Her time on the road with her parents also did wonders to shape her vision of the world, the bounty and the danger it could offer in all of one breath, and the millions of colorful personalities around her.

Their care in teaching her largely stemmed from the cracked markings along her spine, the multicolored hues of her gold and blue eye, and the spectacular shimmer of her single, bedazzled hoof. With a mother and father that were remarkably plain, sans their kind hearts, it was hard for either of them not to believe that their daughter had been touched by the deities before she came to them. It was for this reason that she was groomed as though she were a place of worship herself, and her mother wasted no effort in dutifully smoothing Aylin’s coat and hair to create a picture of perfection, no matter how many times her daughter rolled in the muck or danced through the brambles and bushes.

Aylin remained in her parents care up until her late teens, when she woke one morning to both of her mother and father having mysteriously vanished. Initially, she followed the mix of hoofprints in the distance at a leisurely pace, but as the years passed and as she continued to search, she became more and more hard pressed.

It was in this time that she met a stranger, a Wanderer who insisted she call him Veda, though she was often under the notion that the name was a guise. Still, she never questioned him, well accustomed to the tempting thought of hiding behind a new life. He was a grizzled old stallion, older even than her father, who noticed her unique appearance. Veda eagerly poked at the young mare, insistently encouraging her to show him whatever her powers were, though there was nothing to show but the mist of her wings. Still, day after day he would ask, and soon he began to attempt to teach. Eventually, he forfeited his well-intended goal, and instead began to teach the young mare to fight and defend herself in the wilds, and she found herself enormously grateful for the erratic man, who went from stranger to tutor within a short span of time. She remained with Veda for some moons after their initial meeting, as glad for the company as she was determined to keep an eye on the aging man. In Aylin’s mid twenties, Veda passed on peacefully, his grey hairs amounting to more than the physical world could allow, and she did what she could to allow the elderly Wanderer to pass with honor.

Now in her early thirties, she hasn’t stopped looking for her parents, but her heart has grown colder with the loss of both her parents and Veda. In desperation to fill the rift with some newfound warmth, she’s begun to venture to a place she’d visited many times before in her childhood, seeking both answers and adventure: Morthallion.

On-site history
• Her story begins as a Wanderer seeking opportunity and answers from the world.
• Aylin attended the Magnum Opus, learning of the death of the last of the Wardens, and King Hessander's decree. She began to seek out new lands and familiarize herself with the continent.
• On a journey to Cosmos' Cove, Aylin encountered Campion one evening at Tumble Beach.
• Ultimately, she decided to join Campion in Morthalion within a few days time where, together, they would travel to find the remnants of the Eventide herd.
• Taking the time to explore the mainland before her departure to Ard Maleficar, she traveled to the Southern Hinterlands, where she met Aethalos.
• Parting ways from the Morthalion scholar, the mare met Campion on the outskirts of the city, though she found the stallion wounded. After tending to him, the two made for Halla's Path, and on their journey she learned of the Red Warrior's hopes to become Warden of the Heart.
• After several days of traveling they arrived at the island. Nearing the Crystal River to rest, it was by chance that they met Aelgrimm and Morrigan
• Breaking apart from Campion one morning, she encountered the curious mare Huntington on the outskirts of the Witchwood. Without a Warden to stake claim over the Heart, the two made a harmless journey for the garden, Aylin's first view of what would become her home.
• With the announcement that Aelgrimm would be Warden, the silver mare joined Eventide officially as an Apothecary, diligently seeing to her duties from that point on.
• On one such forage, she encountered Puck, a Vagabond. Unbeknownst to Aylin, the man tricked her with a lie in order to receive her help: a fairly hefty donation of herbs, allegedly for a sick friend. The mare obliged, eager and happy to help.
• It was not like after this that the Totem Eska summoned the Paragons to the shore of Ard Maleficar to hear a riddle. Alongside Campion, the mare listened eagerly as her chosen Totem spoke. Upon giving the correct answer, Aylin was given a Mermaid Coin.
• Departing the event with her companion, and a grin on her face, she proposed a bet to Campion. If she beat him in a spar, he would have to sit through a boring lecture on herbs, a suitable punishment, she thought, because of a comment he'd made on their trip to Ard Maleficar. Though he readily obliged, she found herself regretting the idea in the midst of the fight.
• The both of them fairly beaten up, Campion lead her to a small pond to chat and revisit their spar.
• That night, Aylin stowed away in the boughs of an old tree to reflect on both present day and past. Late in the night, she was woken by Eska, who coaxed forward the magic Veda had once sought to pry from her. Stunned, she was assigned a task by the Totem to complete the transition.
• And so, Aylin set out on a quest: find three souls and help them with the gifts Eska had unlocked. The first was Sanguinem, a Maleficar stallion she found feasting on a rabbit within the woods of Ard Maleficar. Though she tried to help, her attempts backfired for reasons she was unable to understand. However, she took the knowledge in stride, however contrite she was to have inadvertently caused him distress. She next met Entia, who bared his soul to her in their talk of the ocean. Learning much from the encounter, she departed with an immense respect and warmth for the Vagabond stallion. Lastly, near the shores of Morthalion, Aylin met Avallac'h, a stallion whose soul taught her the art of subtleties, of pains already forgiven and forgotten.
• Before meeting Eska, she attended Aelgrimm's Summons to hear the Warden's decrees. It was here that, much to Aylin's surprise, Campion nominated her to be the head healer of Eventide. After deliberation among her colleagues, the "vote" was for a trial period.
• Taking a break from her cluttered mind and the frequent itch she felt remaining on the island, Aylin traveled back to the mainland, where she met the Mokoshian warrior Melot.
• Near the end of Lumenor, Aylin finally mustered the courage to speak to the Totem; she called to Eska to tell her of the completion of her quests, and received a single feather from the Totem as a gift.

• At the beginning of the season, Aylin discovered the behemoth stallion Damascus trapped among boulders on the beach. Helping him free, the two spoke for a while before they went their separate ways.
• One late night, the apothecary woman wandered from her den and into a glade Campion had once shown her. She was unknowingly followed by the red warrior, who quietly expression his affection for her. Reluctant and afraid of commitment, yet tempted by the intimacy and comfort, Aylin accepted his advances and shared a night with him, conceiving a child.
• After several days of subtly avoiding Campion, the few Eventidans were called to a clearing by the Goddess Halla, who declared Aylin and Campion to be the new Wardens of Eventide in Aelgrimm's shocking disappearance. Moreover, in a gentle hint, the Mother revealed Aylin's pregnancy to the few gathered.

• Traveling to the far south of Dirtharest for the first time in her life in search of new herbs to note down, she found Avallac'h standing on a cliff over the sea. Eager to see the old stallion, she went to him and shared in an afternoon with him.


Warden. Aylin deeply respects the unicorn and sees him as a kindred spirit. Although she may question Hessander's rule, she trusts Aelgrimm indubitably.

Met the stallion whilst on a quest given to her by Eska, to unlock her magic. A quiet companion and a fellow wanderer at heart, she empathizes with him deeply and would gladly do anything she could to help him.

A trusted friend who has accompanied her since the day her journey began, the two ventured to the Heart together and joined Eventide. A reluctant "lover" of sorts and, unbeknownst to her, the father of her unborn child.

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Her chosen Totem. Where Aylin lost her mother, the mottled owl easily filled the gap. Her small handful of moments with the Totem are deeply cherished, and the owl is dutifully revered.

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Aesthetic Magic
The marbling at her withers, her opalescent hoof and her wings constantly glow a soft blue light. This light is more visible during the night or on a cloudy day.

Passive Magic
The appearance of Aylin's wings are directly affected by the amount, and type, of light hitting them. They are most prominently visible under moon and starlight, and appear as a deeply vibrant blue. When the daytime skies are overcast or she stands in shade, her wings appear somewhat translucent. In direct sunlight, howerver, Aylin's wings have a paper-thin appearance, and may even seem invisible depending on the time of day (at noon, for example, her wings might seem to be completely gone.)

No matter the current opacity of her wings, they are always tangible and Aylin is always capable of flight.


Initium--Current level
Likened to an empath, she will have a fundamental understanding of the feelings around her. An incredibly unrefined skill that she will not be able to control, and its sensitivity will fluctuate with her mental and emotional stability. The more passionate the feelings she senses, the more likely she will become lost in them as though they were her own. Consequently, she will often feel light-headed and likely overwhelmed. With this comes the very minimal ability to project her own emotions onto others.

At this stage, her control over the emotions she senses will be a bit more precise. She is now able to better differentiate and block out feelings that are not her own. Her ability to project is slightly more solidifed.

Aylin will begin to develop an inkling for the backstories of others. Her sense of emotion is now more acutely refined, and she is far more grounded than she was at the Initium stage. She may, in flashes, catch glimpses of a character’s history. Raw memories that are painful or regarded extremely fondly are most prominent. Flashes may come the moment she meets someone, or in dreams at a later date. As she was with emotions, she may at times become lost in these memories, or they may jumble and be confused with her own.

At the peak of her Clairvoyancy, Aylin will have mastered her abilities to sense memories and to feel and project emotions. Additionally, she may minimally be able to project verbal thoughts to others in a sort of reverse telepathy (instead of reading the thoughts of others, she can enable them to hear hers). Moreover, in those that suffer amnesia or a deliberate "blocking" of their memories, Aylin can bring them to remember. Although she will be prone to intermittent nosebleeds if her powers are used in excess, her magic will, for the most part, have significantly higher endurance than before.



Naquilel, Aylin's bonded, is ironically the polar opposite of her. A large cat that exudes ferocity, his eyes are starlit and swathed in a cool hostility. Although there are some discrepancies, he appears to be a variation of the Direpanthers that live on Ard Maleficar, although his appearance more closely depicts that of a female panther.

Scarcely wavering from the white mare's side, even very early on in their bond, he still shows a personality that is distinctly his own. Where the mare is kind and complacent, Naquilel questions everything and challenges all on behalf of his bonded. He is skeptical of those that may take advantage of her, and acts as a deadly weapon to those that threaten her, even if she objects.

Nonetheless, he is a dutiful and loving companion to his bonded. No matter the disagreements that are inevitable given their contrasting personalities, the cat has Aylin's best interests in mind, and Aylin refuses to command he do otherwise out a reluctance to claim him as "hers." The two share a relationship of equality, a friendship rather than an ownership, and it's doubtless that they will one day see one another as they soulmates they truly are.

In combat, he is generally apt to stalk the perimeter and ensure all is well with his bonded. However, knowing Aylin's tendency to second guess herself or falter around violence, he is always attentive to her wellbeing, and would spring into the midst of a battle without second thought. He is a merciless and challenging opponent when faced, but only ever in the interest of protecting his bonded. Naquilel's inborn hex is the Nervorum hex.

Arms & Armor

A glistening golden whip made of the sturdiest leather, dyed yellow and dusted in chippings of precious gold. Its tip brandishes a fine point, tapering into a small, white piece of metal. The hilt of the whip is a soft, supple leather, framed in bands of white and silver with an owl's likeness embroidered along the side. The weapon's name, Remiel, is inscribed into the uppermost band.

Full Set of Armor
The island queen at times dons a delicate assortment of cloths, tassels, and golden chains. Two charms, a sun and moon, hang from an opal pendant the claps at her chest. Cuffs of gold link just above and below her knee on either foreleg, and both have a thin sheet of silk attached. The hair clip she often wears is bound by chains that braid into her forelock and mane, loosely binding stray wisps of hair to keep them out of her gaze.

But the arrangement is much more than simply aesthetic. Enchanted to act as sturdy and resilient as any iron shield, Aylin's cloak is as impenetrable as metal, and the golden accessories that adorn her "armor" also act as small energy shields to protect her neck and head. When she lifts the hood of her cloak to cover her head, the silk is capable of acting as a faceplate. The cuffs on her legs have a similar effect and, moreover, the enchantment that appears to be placed on her armor emits a soft blue light in the night.

Trinkets & Accessories

Given to her by her parents, Aylin always wears a golden hair clip just at the atlas of her crest, loosely binding up some of her long hairs. Shaped like a spiked sun, it is almost never removed, and she treasures the clip deeply.

Eska's Feather
Worn just behind her ear, Aylin was given a feather by the Totem Eska after completing her sorcery quest. The gift is cherished and worn with respect.

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