Cosmos Equine Scout of Morthalion Novice
Alignment Species Rank Buff
20 Stallion — he/him 15hh 3,810ʜs
Age Sex Height Currency


you should see me in a crown

♛ Quarter Mutt x Draft Mutt
♛ Thick, dense, muscular
♛ Grey grullo with minimal brindling
♛ Pink eyes
♛ Black hair with white forelock — thick, full
♛ Skull and skeletal leg markings, blood splatter on chest
♛ Back is severely scarred
♛ Smells strongly of sex and roses

Kid is petite and elegant, a mix of just enough draft to be dense and muscular, but not enough to truly consider himself a draft horse. He is balanced and streamlined, built for sharp turns and quick sprints.
His appealing physique is covered in a neutral gray, with his head and legs being soaked in an ink black. Along his legs and neck run broken brindling, reaching a high point at his hip and shoulder before fading out. Disrupting the purity of his midnight coat are two distinct white markings, one running up his left leg; a replica of his bones that turns his hoof a white cream. And a gruesome skull atop his head, with jagged teeth and hollow eyes, turning his forelock a stark white. He stares through that cruel skull with unexpected eyes, coloured like the clouds at sunset, pink and vibrant, beckoning for attention.
Across his breast lies a splatter of deep red, blood across his chest that hails from his dam's lines.
Along the length of his back, there are layers of scars, deep and malevolent in their appearance, they are crudely shaped and reminders of a past long gone. Kid does not speak of them often, one could say he hates them to some extent. They are permanent reminders of his flaws and imperfections, haunting whispers of a ghost he cannot escape.


i'm gonna run this nothing town

|| Narcissist | Patient | Cunning | Cruel | Arrogant ||
|| Brash | Opinionated | Precise | Two-faced | Promiscuous | Childish ||

Kid is as narcissistic as they come, with a high and mighty attitude he is consumed by his ego. . Kid's mother had raised him upon a pedestal, telling him he is "the greatest thing to happen to this god forsaken world" and feeding into his already expanding god complex. This brings him to have contradicting traits, in which he believes himself to be god sent, but will bring himself down to lowly levels when he doesn't perform as expected.
Kid wears a persona like a cloak, masquerading around as a precious innocent who has done nothing to harm the world. He hides his tricks and deceitful plans until his innocence gets under his victims' skin, leaving them to trust the lies he weaves. Kid uses this second personality to deceive and fool all that he runs across, having formed this persona at a very early age under the guidance of his dam. Kid never gives away his name easily, not unless he trusts this person wholly, of which is uncommon. Instead Kid will identify as Rex, Emyr or Fiú Király. As a child, this was not a rule he lived by, but as he grew he began to hide his identity. While under this identity he's less likely to express any forms of anger or brashness, instead he remains collected and serious about whatever event occurs until the time is right for him to strike. He still maintains the same views, but is less likely to rub them in other's faces or act upon them, and will present himself as a more mature being rather than express his childish and arrogant mindset.
As a result of Kid never truly having a grand childhood because of his mother's abusive tendencies and desperate need to make him stronger, his youthful innocence still clings to him. He's forced to live in an aged body but stuck in an immature mind. As clever and manipulative as he can be, Kid is still a child at heart, and it's an obvious fact. When he isn't hidden behind his mask, he's an impatient brat with a big helping of salt and sass, a loud mouthed child who says what he pleases and despises following others.
He is patient and precise, waiting in the shadows until there's a vulnerable moment. Precision is key to him, as his dam has told him many times before. A perfectionist mentality has been beaten into him, everything has to be done to an exact degree, no more and no less. Even without his mother berating him for perfection, he still actively seeks it.
Kid is naturally well mannered, his etiquette perfect for a child raised to be a dictator, a demanding king with loyal subjects. He manages to hold is tongue when necessary, but if the moment calls for it he will not hesitate to say what needs to be said and do so in the least kind manner possible.
Kid is promiscuous and immodest. He's a constant tease, using body language to taunt whoever he pleases. Kid's vulgarity began early, his fascination for this natural drive brings a need to fulfill such desires. He is very up front about his wants, especially when someone in particular catches his attention. He submits easily under others, especially if they're dominant. But Kid will always be the one pulling the strings, and will always have the upper hand. Kid will not hesitate to tease and deceive to get what he wants, to make his target frustrated enough to approach him with the kind of aggressive and dominate attitude that Kid finds appealing.


watch me make 'em bow

Kid was born to a hardened woman and carefree man, an unfortunate pair who came upon each other by chance rather than choice. It was only more unfortunate and unsavoury that such a duo could create two new lives, that an unemotional and instinct driven encounter could produce a prodigal son and lost daughter.
Kid was born tangled up within the legs of his sister, left cold and distressed by his detached dam who could not spare a second glance at the petite colt. She favoured his sister from the moment they were born, cooing over her and taking time to give her a proper name that bore meaning. For Kid? She shrugged, giving him the same treatment she was given by her father. Simple was his name, etched deep beneath his skin and branding him for life. His mother did not give him sympathy as he shivered, did not delight at the sight of her son standing, going so far as to shove him away when he tried to nurse. He was nothing to her, not then.
But months passed, and his sister's absences only grew, leaving his mother to fawn over him, but in the only way she knew how. She beat him, taunted and teased and left him to fend for himself more often than not. She believed she could produce a perfect son, that she could achieve what her own father never could. So she stretched Kid beyond his limits, forced him into situations a child could never fathom, expanding his mind and strengthening his body.
And he followed blindly, truly believing that he, nothing more than a runt, was the gift of a mighty god. That is what she would call him some days, after the blood of his wounds had dried and the pain was only a dull throb; she would tell him that he was meant for greatness, that the gods themselves put him here for a reason. And he believed it, he ate it up and it infected his mind.
He never saw his father, not for many months. He had unknowingly met a brother, a bulky boy that was snide and strange, that did not worship him as his mother did. Kid almost liked that, his little heart beat faster than it ever had that day. He found his father, along with several bastard children at his side. He was filled with unbelievable rage at the sight of skull marked babes that mimicked his father's own, who shared the same blood as he did. Was he not enough for his father? Was the man not satisfied with him? And for years he fumed, seething over the idea that his father did not adore and worship him the way his mother did.
Kid lost years of his youth being guided and groomed under his mother's control. She fed him ideas of his role in the world, of his potential and the power that coursed through him. It went on for years, only disrupted by a night of blatant hate, of pure unbridled rage of a scorned woman. He suffered beneath her hooves and teeth, torn to pieces by her fury and aggression. It was on this night he fled, crawling in desperation towards the arms of a woman bathed in holy light. She healed his wounds the best she could, and comforted him in sweet and foreign ways he'd never experienced. It was after this encounter that he rebelled against his mother, that he refused to be her perfect project any longer.
Somewhere along the way, Kid finds his father again. The man grants him a new tongue, to which he takes to quickly, but nothing more.
It is after this that Kid blossoms. But not into an innocent, untouched flower, pure and content with the way things were. No— he found the world at night, found the shadows and the men that lurked within them. He found company that lasted him the night, that left him craving more unholy moments spent in the shade, tucked away from prying eyes. Kid sought sex in all of its forms, because it let him escape his traumas for just a moment, let him control the men using him, and let him walk away satisfied. He wanders outside of his home in search of other men, and returns months later with the satisfaction that he found what he needed.
It is then that Helovia is lost, and he lingers in the realm it is replaced by, but does not stay for long. He cannot adjust to the life it provides for him, and takes leave. With him comes the woman who loves him like a son she never bore, and they travel the wilds of the world for a time together. She bears a child, from who Kid never asks, and they cherish her together, a patchwork family that's cracking at the seems. Together they suffered tragedies so unspeakable, mourning the loss of a precious life to the savagery that surrounded them. And then they were thrown into the unknowns of life, torn apart albeit unwillingly by the flow of time and fate when their wounds were still fresh.


one by one by one

OizysQueen Bullshit, like oil to water, Kid and Oizys are two opposites that make it work. A childhood friendship founded on harsh insults and quips, they are a pair not to be tested. Kid misses her, but he'll never admit it to anyone but himself.
Volterrra ♛ Kid remains bitter towards his father, and is deep set in the idea that he will not forgive him no matter how hard the man tries to earn his favour.
Reichenbach ♛ Their meeting was brief, leaving Kid with a sour taste on his tongue over Reich's rejection.



your silence is my favorite sound

Aesthetic Magic ♛ A golden Catholic-style halo made of pure light



At first, it is nothing special at all. His touch is but a whisper, the faintest presence of something influencing, a brush of emotions that aren't theirs or a thought that seems out of place. The influence is only in effect when Kid makes contact with someone and wills it so, taking a lot of concentration to even have some semblance of influence over them and even then they are so rarely going to listen. Once contact is broken he holds no power over them.


Things take a more interesting twist beginning at Acolyte. The whispers are more incessant, louder almost, the urge to resist weakened by an immeasurably small amount, but it's there. Though contact must remain steady and unbroken, it lasts for but a moment longer when they pull apart. The influencing voice fades out after a second, but will now leave others with a sense of doubt in their own minds. It's easier to manipulate the minds of those who are already uncertain, while those who are sure in their ways prove a challenge that Kid can't quite overcome yet.


It becomes more prevalent now, the inability to refuse the thoughts that flood one's mind as Kid makes contact, the almost want to give in to the thoughts. They feel almost familiar and at home, as if they are thoughts of their own rather than those of another forced unto them, easier to give into. His manipulation is easier, contact still required initially but lasting longer once they've parted ways, so long as Kid remains close to their side. The lasting effect is the final key in it all, the thing he requires so in order to have a true hold on them, leaving them full unsteady in their righteous thoughts and beliefs. Decisions that were theirs to make are made at his whim and to further him in the grand scheme of things, having a deeper grasp on the minds of others.


At Magister Kid is a force to be reckoned with, silent and yet powerful, the contact may be however brief and yet leave the paragon completely helpless to his manipulation. The words he preaches to their minds is so easy to get lost in and follow without hesitance, almost trance-like if they give in fully. They are near completely complacent to his trickery, unable to shake him without an absolutely strong and relentless resolve or belief. But he can fight back, and those who once were an impossible feat to overcome are now (though still a difficult one) but a simple task to complete. Though the silent duel of minds may leave Kid with thoughts of the other, as if an exchange of mental blows that will leave them disillusioned and struggled to remember whose thoughts are whose. The effects of his touch and manipulation last longer now, no matter how brief the contact, he will leave them following his command until he has left the vicinity or gone too long without touching them again to strengthen his hold on them. After overuse Kid will frequently have throbbing headaches or, if strained for too long, debilitating migraines


blood on a marble wall


The crimson horror, Rico is a monstrosity bearing wings. Where Kid has a sense of morality (however skewed it may be), Rico is without boundaries. He is a force to be reckoned with, small as he may be. A beast, full of bloodlust and wrath and a strong will to both protect and destroy, Rico is terrifying. Radiating an aura of terror, of merciless cruelty and a desire to consume the world with hellfire, he is a creature contained only by Kid. If not for Kid, it's likely Rico would have grown up to be a bigger menace than he already is, and torn the innocent to pieces (rather than merely threatening them within the confines of Kid's mind). Do not stray too close to the beast, lest you lose a limb.
Rico is a dragon, standing at roughly 4 feet with a large wingspan, he is a monstrosity. Though not as large as the Behemoth Dragons, his feisty personality more than makes up for it. Red scales coat Rico's entire body, shimmering and almost metallic in their appearance. When relaxed, these scales will lie flat against his body, but when irritated will flare up to make him appear bigger than he truly is. There are touches of gold upon the scales closest to his eyes and underbelly, and at the sharp, pointed tips of his horns. Gilded eyes are set in a thick skull, gaze burning with the same intensity as the flames he breathes.
Rico is the brother of Oizys' Moros.


Arms & Armor

i like the way they all, scream

Golden Horseshoes ♛ A set of golden horseshoes that cup the tip of his hoof, giving it a much sharper edge than a bare hoof.

Trinkets & Accessories

tell me which one is worse, living or dying first

Crown Comb ♛ A small golden comb fashioned to appear as a small flat crown. Currently at the base of his tail.
Mermaid Coin ♛ A coin that transforms Kid into a hippocampus for a thread.
Party Attire ♛ An outfit with the purpose of attending grand parties. To be designed.
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