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38 Stallion — he/him 16.1hh 430ʜs
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• Lipizzaner build
• Super generic tattoo
• Just super generic in general

With bloodlines closer to the original carriage type horses. His height resembles those more than it does a regular Lipizzaner, approaching 16.1hh. Jaw deep and profound, but with rather small eyes and ears his neck is sturdy and naturally arched. He is broad and muscular, although he is mostly all bark and no bite -- he looks like a fighter, but can he really fight? The general public will never know. He is able to carry himself easily and well, and there's a grace to him despite his bulky figure.

Two horns sit together atop his head, curving backward like those of billy goat (although you say this and he'll probably cuss you out). His mane is short and choppy, with no forelock present whatsoever. His tail is leonine and almost seems to have a life of its own.

Honestly, there is nothing overly special about his general appearance. Grey coat with darkening points, it's almost as if he's permanently halfway through the greying process and just never finished. He can be easily dismissed, yet there's something alluring in how he is built and in just how simple he is. Piercing, steel blue eyes are striking and stand out against the dullness of his coat. The one thing that can't be ignored, though, is the horribly unoriginal tattoo that wraps around the lower half of his left foreleg. What is it a tattoo of you might ask? A dragon. He likes it well enough, though, so we guess it's cool.


Street rat? Most definitely.

Alaric is that asshole that looks good and knows he does -- and even then if some don't think so you'll be hard pressed to convince him otherwise. Charismatic with a roguish smile, there's a sharp, calculating look in his cold eyes and something razor-edge in his smile. Terribly street-smart, he knows how to get a job done. Whether it's done in a conventional manner is up for debate.

With an attractive smile, one will have to admit that there's trouble brewing. He's bold and has the ability to charm the pants off of others if he wants (which is hardly ever, he doesn't really care to charm others). He comes off as not giving a damn, but don't underestimate him. He's hardly as foolish as he lets others believe. Even then, he's hardly out to harm others, it's all for fun.

With a conceited and unforgiving aspect, he's too blunt for his own good sometimes. Brain to mouth filter? No, he's never heard of it. He speaks what he wants and many will admit that they don’t know whether to like him or punch him in the throat (we'd suggest the latter, but you do you). There is only a select few that will find Alaric charming and amusing to be around. A 'refined taste' as he likes to call it.

Promiscuous and a somewhat haughty Alaric is known to flirt with any and all he comes into contact with. He's willing to give some lascivious looks to anyone at least once. There is no end to who can become a target. He's known for having an array of bedmates, but honestly, most think it's all a lie (it probably is but with no proof who can say it actually is?).


There are those who get swept up into rugged situations at a young age. Some are able to evade this, while others are unable to. Those that are unable to usually adapt or fall head first into the fun and games that the underground offers. Alaric's situation most closely follows the latter.

A relatively quiet home life, there was something laying dormant inside that was awakened when he ran into a group of unruly adolescents few seasons his senior. They walked with a swagger and emitted a vibe that drew Alaric in. They gave no fucks, and Alaric was immediately interested.

Part of it was wanting to be part of something, the other part was simply because he could.

"You game?" they'd question, and he would always nod enthusiastically with a laugh that was turning rougher each time. He didn't know it, but in the beginning, he was something expendable to them; he was a tool that they were able to manipulate and use. He never found out though, so no harm was done. In his eyes, they were his mentors, and oh he had so much to learn. He got swept up in the adrenaline and image that being a part of the group gave him.

Long nights, backdoor deals, scuffles. It was a rush; a drug that he couldn't get enough of. Soon enough he was a well-seasoned member of the gang. No longer a gangly teen kid, but a young, charismatic man with an alluring smirk. He had proved he was loyal and not something to throw away.

Despite the reputation of the gang life, everything was just fun and games -- they never committed actual crimes. There was only that one.

A regular skirmish one night, something normal and done for the sport. Alaric chose not to be involved in it until things got a little out of hand. No one beats up on one of theirs so brutally, after all, there were rules. Yelling and then blood. Who did it? No one never really knows, and no one would say a word. They ran, leaving the body to cool in the night breeze. "A line been crossed." One of them said later, and they all knew it was true.

"Say shit, you's be like 'im." The oldest member of the gang said, and that was that.

The heat only grew though. Who actually gets away with such a messy thing after all? No matter how low a profile the gang kept those investigating were only getting closer. Their progress was terribly slow, but they were making progress nonetheless. Alaric realized that either they all needed to book it, or he would have to go it his own -- he wasn't going to take the fall for something like this and be stuck behind bars.

One can't simply leave, though, but he got it easy. He took the cowards way out and left silently in the night (how loyalty changes).

The gang? Who cared anymore. He was on his own, and whatever happened to the gang wasn't his problem anymore. The life of a wanderer was where it was at, but of course, it wasn't the same. Then, he stumbled into Nordlys and settled in the darker parts of Morthalion. That is until it's time to pack up and move again.


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