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34 years Stallion — he/him 16 hh 105ʜs
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Soln carries himself with long and confident strides. His expression is ever changing to suit whoever it may be that he speaks to. However in the moments where he is by himself it is often softer and less animated; tired from the multitude of previous masks worn.

Soln is eye-catching. Whenever the sun's rays come to dance around the golden man he gleams. His eyes of amber are framed by loose curls of tousled ivory. Both his mane and tail are left long. His complexion is that of cream and wheat accented by the warmth golden hues. The majority of his body is cream in color but his legs darken to socks of a darker golden hue; this same golden color adorns his face in the shape of a blaze and lines his ears. His eyes are lined with dark liner that is accentuated by a white marking.His wings are his greatest pride and reach an impressive span. Soln's wings begin in tones of gold that fade into softer hues before reaching his primaries that are opalescent in their coloring. Soln's hooves are also reminiscent of an opal. His build is that of an athlete and as a pegasus his movement is quick and agile.



Soln sees himself as something special. He knows that he is more than those around him and holds himself to a high standard. Though it is best to keep in mind that this does not mean that his personal standards follow any sense of moral code. His devotion to his ambitions serve to make him ruthless.

He will adapt to be whatever he needs to be in order to get to where he needs to be. He can carry himself with the poise and wit of a scholar or he can play the role of a dimwit. Soln will tell you what you want to hear. He can be disarmingly charming. His good looks make it hard not to fall for his ruses. They make it hard not to trust him.

His mood is fickle. Unpredictable to even Soln himself. The most obscure of happenstance can send him into laughter or rage with no warning. One of the few guarantees with his mood is that if his wings are touched without warning or permission it will immediately send him into a foul mood where he is likely to lash out. Whenever he was young he witnessed another pegasus being crippled. It is a memory that still haunts him; as his ability to fly is treasured above all else.

Soln is skeptical with those that he does not know. Expect to be pushed to a distance away and held there until loyalty has been thoroughly proven. Once he would have allowed any any able body into his gang- even unable bodies if he saw potential and was able to train them; however, now he is cautious. After Stefan costing them so much he cannot afford to have such a thing happen again.


He had lived among the Morthalion and tired of stealing to scrape by. He saw that the lives of the other beggars around him never went far- and Soln knew that he was more than that. Using his wit and charm Soln climbed the ranks of society and became a well liked member of the higher class.

Soln was not ignorant to the existence of the Vagabonds. Though the group existed on the fringes of society they did take pride in their existence; some of them going as far as to leave a signature token at the scene of their crimes. Soln listened to the stories that his peers told about how the Vagabonds had wronged them. Some of them recounted the tales with sorrow and some with unfiltered anger. Soln listened and feigned sympathetic emotions but whenever heads were turned he would allow a wry smile to show itself.

He tired of the upper classes and their constant parading about. One was always in contest with another. Soln admired the Vagabonds. They were bold and unpredictable.

Rumors spread quickly about an attack that was being organized against the Vagabonds. Soln knew what gossips to tell. Ears perked and heads turned at the mention. Bounties were offered for the capture of many of the unruly members. It was a chance at recovering some of the riches the group had taken and yet even better; a chance at revenge. Soln was careful to remain unrecognized as being the source of the planning. He manipulated each detail to fall into place.

Many of the Vagabonds were captured or wounded. There were not many of the Morthalions that matched the rogues in fighting skills but those that attacked had the added edge of surprise and numbers.

Soln stood hidden and watched as the fighting began. Once he believed the higher ranked members of the Vagabonds to be weakened enough he slipped away. He was careful to not be seen.

A few days after the fighting Soln sought out the Vagabonds again. This time he went to them alone. While there were members missing and others injured Soln fought for the leadership. And won.

Soln was not experienced enough in the workings of things to remain as Baron. He was brazen in his ways and his quick changes in mood did not earn him any endearment among the rogues. Soln knew how to charm the more civilized folk but he was treading new ground amongst the thieves. It was not long before Soln was overthrown.

He became a joke among the Vagabonds. Once more his pride was stung but Soln picked himself up. He was resourceful. Soln sought out all the outcasts among the group. He sought out all unseen potential and he molded it- or perhaps it was the small band he created that molded him. Years passed and Soln fell from being an immature young Baron to being the head of a respected gang.

He has recently broken from imprisonment in a Morthalion prison alongside several of his gang members. They were captured whenever their scout decided to flee the life of a gang member in the midst of a job. Soln holds tight to anger towards Stefan.


Stefan; Previous member of Soln's gang that bailed during a job-- a decision that led to Soln and other members to be captured and jailed.

Iago; Hasn't formed an opinion fully yet.




Drek|Ethereal Varwulfar; Drake (7hh)| Collector Class | Bibble Jinx

Size Comparison to Soln

Unquestionably Loyal | Adaptable | Blunt | Covetous

A cousin to dragons but without the splendor of their wings. Nor is Drek as graceful as his extended family. Instead his kind is of resourceful nature. The drake will never outmaneuver a dragon or wyvern but could, however, outsmart them. Or overpower them since he has bulk that a creature of flight would not possess.

He is a collector and keeps Soln's bags heavy with his collected hoard. Rocks and gems tend to be his favorite thing to collect. Alongside his personal collection Drek keeps a collection of assorted odds and ends; things to give to those that he forms an opinion of. Even those that he does not like. For those he gives the ugly or the gross things. No matter what the gift he will become upset if it is rejected. Some would say that Soln should chastise Drek for such behaviour but the pegasus shrugs it off. He figures that honesty is a more admirable trait than diplomacy.

Though Drek is of a more mellow nature than Soln he is more than capable of defending himself. If cornered he can become fierce. This knowledge does give Soln peace of mind whenever Drek wanders off seeking new items for his collections.

Prior to bonding to Soln, Drek lived in Morthalion and used his jinx to get the things that he wanted and needed to survive. The drake would set someone to babbling and once they grabbed the attention of some passerby with their rambling Drek would grab what he wanted and would make off with it.

Arms & Armor

Opal Dagger; Named Lorr & Sheath

Stolen by Drek because the daggers colors reminded him of Soln's own opalescent traits. It was taken from some unfortunate craftsman who did not watch his wares close enough. The blade is carved from an opal and the handle is made from a shed antler. Leather binds the piece together.

Its sheath is able to be attached to Soln's leg and has Cosmos, his God, and Eska, his Totem, embossed into the leather. This is not the sheath that was originally stolen with the dagger and is another that Soln had commissioned.

Soln walked over to see what it was that his bonded was so taken by. 'Remind me of Soln.’ The drake moved so that the man could see the dagger.
“Ah.” Soln admired the craftmanship, “Best to keep it safe then, right?” Soln pulled it out of the bag and fastened it to his leg.
Drek watched shifting his weight from side to side, 'It mine. Drek not giv--’
Soln patted Drek who scrunched away from the touch, sulky. “I know. I am just-” He tried to think of a good excuse, “I will just keep it safe.” Grabbing the rest of their things he packed up their camp and began to head off.
Drek snarled at him. 'We bonded. I know you keep for self.’
Soln kept on walking, “Good then.” He slowed his pace and glanced back to make sure that Drek followed, “Then you know not to argue the matter.”

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