Neutral Hippocampus Scout of Eventide Novice
Alignment Species Rank Buff
24 Mare — she/her 8.1 HH 0ʜs
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A robust anatomy on four sturdy legs is here a cute and goofy, rather than elegant, sight. As if this body was not the one she had always lived with, she makes silly mistakes even in a slow pace. A misplaced hoof here and there tends to surprise her most of the time despite it being the norm. A slip of hooves is not unusual and Calima is rather clumsy. Cali has a distinctive walking style that is very casual and carefree but the lack of eyes on the path has it stumbling at times. Much like the axolotl though, she has frilly and rosy external gills. Her eyelashes are equally blushed and her skin is pink underneath the snowy fur. The tail resembles the rare amphibian's, the one that never undergoes metamorphosis. Unlike the axolotl she rarely looks happy even though she is never too serious, not even in body language. These eyes that mirror a clear sky will avoid direct eye contact when faced with it, unless Calima feels strangely comfortable with the one whose space she shares. She does not carry herself with grace, she merely carries herself. That is complicated enough. The normal posture is neither noble nor confident. It is honest though, and truthful to her casual self. It implies that underneath there lies an odd and very vibrant personality.

As if you were on fire from within,
the moon lives in the lining of your skin.

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Imagination can come in handy a lot when alone. She may not possess the best answers for herself, nor advice for anyone, but she enjoys having all those conversations. Picking up past talks where they either left off or making them take turns they could have taken, is a pastime of hers. Conversing with memories never seems too fruitless. Calima rarely feels lonely, even when she is alone. Spending a lifetime radically accepting certain things will give you an easier time being optimistic by default, and positivity seldom requires effort from her. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy your own company too, but when she does in fact run into an outsider she is quite talkative to the point where she can appear air-headed and naïve. She tries too hard, to make acquaintances, and her mostly insufficient social skills can have her seem unnatural and stiff at times. She frequently embarrasses herself in the presence of sarcasm; sass annoys her to no end but not as much as arrogance, assumptions and judging. Calima can clam up and express her puny rage when faced with these interesting things. These times she can be innovative and unpredictable, but she is not fond of harming anyone although empathy in her is very basic. All her life she has desperately been trying to understand feelings, and validate others the way her past guardian would validate her. It happens that she repeats things her adoptive parent would have said, but she tends to twist them a bit awkwardly due to the poor quality of her memory span. She also tries her best to hide that she has been alone most of her adult life, therefore she gets stressed out if her trying seems to lead nowhere. She is odd, yes, but she means well with most things even though she can be insensitive by accident from time to time.

Hey there little fighter, things will get brighter.


There is a beautiful noun. That word is hiraeth and it is not easy to translate. It means homesickness but not the traditional definition of it. It is a longing for a home you cannot return to, a home that maybe never was. Mourning memories from lost places of the past.
  Memories can be vague to begin with but Calima mainly stores fabricated memories due to a wild imagination and a wobbly perception of reality. She herself does not know which memories are real, which is a fact that makes her regard all of them as real to protect her mind. Occasionally she has a crisis, when her past catches up to her and it refuses to add up. In these moments they are all false. All memories are suddenly false, and she begins to tremble in her transparency. When this happens, it usually helps to see her own reflection in the water surface. It calms her to see that she does have a physical shape, that she is not a fabricated hoax that someone believes in. It is a double edged sword though. It brings back a memory, that keeps resurfacing to the point where it cannot be false. It does not make sense that she would have such a clear memory of hatching; someone must somehow have planted it.
  The egg has a connection to the word hiraeth, and the connection is so deep that Calima could never explain. Not with words or any other known way. As soon as the tiny hatchling poked through home, it was not home anymore. It might as well never have existed. Calima remembers knowing this, at the time. She remembers the feeling of at least vaguely understanding this. After floating around for a bit, she figured out how to use her tail. The memory skips to another sequence after some brief trial and error, and the memory depicts a goal. She was so curious about the light. The shift from the cozy nothingness, to a gradient of unknown. What could it be? Luckily it was only the surface and not a bioluminescent threat. When the surface broke, the lonely one was blinded for a little while. For the first time, breathing was not automatic anymore. Gasping for air she suddenly had to figure out a way to... oh! With a wheeze she inhaled oxygen in a very nontraditional way, and thereafter used her nostrils until her system did these things by itself. When she washed up on the shore, she had already forgotten who she had been.
  One memory really sticks out, again. It's the vaguest of them all. She remembers talking to someone, on the island she washed up on. It seems unlikely, because the conversation does not truly include dialogue. How would she know how to communicate? There was some sort of happening further onto land. Something called Calima. It was explained to her in a strange, calm and soft way, that Calima was a phenomenon of nature that occurred - mostly during the cold season which was currently - when temperatures clashed, and desert sand resembled mist as it traveled on the winds. It is beautiful, as a name, and that is supposedly why Calima took it. The rightful name givers never stepped forward, so she would never know if there was another name intended for her anyway.
  Series of memories exist, but most of them cannot be placed in order. Calima is not experiencing textbook definition amnesia, but she has a hard time sorting the moments. Over a period of time, long before the lengthy swim that took her to her newest life, she was in the care of a very old mare with milky, white eyes. Although there was no physical ability to see anything these days, she saw much more than Calima could. It was the elder's death though, that sent the hippocampus on her way to a new beginning. From there on, she sculpted herself from new experiences that replaced old, complex memories one memory after another.

The only ones who fear death are those with regrets.

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Acrisius: Acquaintance - Comment
Selene: Stranger - Comment
Linked name: Bond - Comment

We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry.




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Owns a silk outfit (joined Totem with Sunken herd incentive) consisting of a veil, scarf and leg silks.
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