Neutral Pegasus Commoner of Morthalion Novice
Alignment Species Rank Buff
28 Mare — she/her 17hh 50ʜs
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Vell is a beautiful example of her breed, holding her 17 hands with grace and a quiet confidence. The mare is all curve and muscle, her dark bay coat reminiscent of well loved leather, soft and supple. She has no apparent markings, save for her maw which seems to have been rubbed in some small amount of soot. The mare's orbs are a soft golden hue, akin to the first golden dawn of spring. Her fore is long, tickling her whiskers and often hiding at least one side of her well dished face, her strong features speaking well to her Percheron heritage if her height and carriage did not already indicate so to the viewer. Her tresses are waves of burnt chocolate tipped in gold, her mane falling over strong shoulders that carry her attractive wings. These hearken to the colouration of a predator, her longest sets of feathers fading from the matching leather colour of her coat to the colour of chocolate and then gold, a perfect mirror of her locks. Her cannons are steady, with mild feathering to cover the dusty gold of her daggers. Overall there isn't anything incredibly remarkable about the mare, nothing so defining in features to set her far apart from the crowd. She's pretty, but clearly bred for strength and battle, every step she takes rippling with muscle under her velveteen coat. She carries with her a large green leather tome that slings across her barrel comfortably. It looks quite weighty, but she seems to carry the item with ease, the gold-leaf detailing catching bits of the sun as she moves. She carries herself with a gentleness which the viewer can take solace in- she has no intention of fighting, at least not today.


Vell is a quiet woman, soft spoken and a bit reserved upon first meeting. She has a thirst for knowledge and understanding, always eager to know every side to a story, whether or not she agrees with them. She's level-headed, and tends to take a neutral ground in matters. These traits make her a great intermediary if put in the position, and if asked she certainly doesn't seem to mind. She has a mothering nature about her and it is clear to see that if she were to settle with someone special that motherhood would come quite naturally to her. This can work against her, though, as it can turn her into a worrying mother hen, fussing over the smallest things that are just a bit too out of control. She comes across as the champion of radical acceptance, but at times she seems too quick to that answer and it leads one to wonder if she's not just stuffing things down for another time. She's sociable in small groups, but not the kind of personality that puts themselves out there to new people immediately, though it takes her very little time to warm up to others. She's a people pleaser and overall makes an effort to be welcoming and accommodating, not wanting to rock the boat to the point it tips.


Born to no one of note, Vellichor has had a very humble upbringing from a land of no particular intrigue. Her mother was loving and kind, her father strong and courteous. She has taken most of all after her mother, whose love of nurturing others had made quite an impression on the young filly. Her father was a bit more distant, but loving in his own way, and it was his ideals and his respect for others that influenced her most and would continue to colour her interactions with others for the years to come. Her grandmother, though, is the one who sparked true imagination in the young one, and it is that spark that she has carefully cultivated into a well maintained flame. Her grandmother told her tales of other lands, though she had never thought of any of them as particularly true. The stories were just that- stories to be told to foals and passed from mare to filly and all generations between from now and to the beyond. Lessons learned and knowledge of the world passed on. Still, it was hard not to be enrapt in their telling and believe in them wholeheartedly, if only for that small while. It was this passing of knowledge more than anything that interested Vellichor. The process of studying is what drew her into the folds of her herd's elders. She wanted to take in all the old ways of the world, true, false, it didn't particularly matter to her. It was just that she have the knowledge, should she need it, that mattered. From that first thirst for wisdom, that drive to quench her curiosity is what has shaped Vell into the mare she is today, the mare who has traveled far and wide to learn of new cultures, of histories and magics and everything the world could offer her. She spent her youngest years learning how to fly a steady course and how to read and write, focusing her minor psychokinetic ability into being able to pick up various written works and being able to carry them with her. When she set out for adventure her herd elders gifted her with a beautiful green tome, her pure excitement leading her to believe no matter how heavy the book may become she would never feel the weight on her back. Her upbringing may be simple, but her desire to know all the world contains drives her heart ever forward. Totem is the first step on her journey to take in all that can be shown to her.





Arms & Armor

Trinkets & Accessories

Large tome of dark green leather, embossed with gold-leaf, brass locking mechanism and with attached dark leather strap to sling across the body comfortably for travel.


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Alchemy VP: 0


Stealth VP: 0



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