Halla Equine Wanderer Novice
Alignment Species Rank Buff
24 Mare — she/her 16 hands 255ʜs
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Elegant and regal, Blair emanates a sort of divine appearance, though she is by no means such. She strives for perfection in all aspects of her life- from status to each individual hair on her dainty frame. Her mane is a banner of charcoal gloss, falling in tame waves alongside her forelock. Her tail is the same hue and texture, though she often has it partially tied up in a golden band with dainty chains hangin from it, offering a classier visual. Her grey-dappled bay body is muscled enough to not be defenseless, but not so much that she loses her feminine build. Her legs are adorned with tall socks and paired with striped hooves. On each of her cannons are two inch wide bands made of gold. From her chest expands a well-arched neck that is topped by a slender face and a tampered snout. Decorating the most slender, upper portion of her neck is a dainty golden chain that loops twice around her neck and hangs into a cross that matches her tail adornments and leg bands. Blair has wide, doe-eyes colored like chocolate with a thick blaze between them.

Though Blair is a Hanoverian in every sense of the word, she is much more lightly built than many others of her kind. Despite her pure blood, many might assume at first glance that she is a mix with a lighter breed, perhaps Arabian.


Chaos makes things unpredictable, and unpredictable things can’t be trusted when they are wanted most – with this in mind, Blair endeavors to produce order and soundness in her environments by establishing commands and distinct parts. Blair has strong certainties about what is fair, corrupt, and ethically appropriate. Her compulsion to formulate order often extends to everything and everyone, snubbing the plausibility that there are two valid approaches to get tasks executed. She does not hesitate to let those that think contrarily know what she thinks, deeming it her charge to set things straight. This engagement to truth and standards makes Blair a proficient and poised leader. She has no problem distributing tasks and responsibilities to others fairly and objectively, making her an exemplary administrator. While sometimes overbearing, Blair’s strong resolution also assists to defend her ideologies and principles against diversions and cutbacks, regardless of who brings them. Negligence and faulty ethic are not tolerable under any circumstances, and she becomes rather irritated by them promptly. Seeing things to completion borders on an ethical obligation for her. Tasks aren’t simply abandoned because they’ve become tedious or dull – Blair takes them up when she is passionate, and thus they will be finished so long as they remain, logistically, the correct thing. Blair esteems realities far more than conceptual beliefs or assumptions. Candid statements and truths are key, and she returns the honesty (whether it’s wanted or not) with fervor. Blair takes pride in the respect of her compatriots, associates, and society and while challenging to recognize, is particularly concerned with public evaluation. Oftentimes, she can get so caught up in meeting others’ expectations that she neglects to address her own needs. This must for reverence fosters a need to maintain her dignity, which can make it tricky to cut loose and unwind for risk of looking the fool, even in good fun. She always holds herself to appear regal and tasteful, every step properly placed and every second carefully thought out. This is all evidence of Blair’s greatest weakness: expressing emotions and feeling empathy. She gets so caught up in the facts that she forgets to think of what makes others happy, or of their sensitivity. A detour can be breathtakingly beautiful- a joyful pause in an otherwise complicated life for all but Blair.


Originating in the Herd of Aramore, a valley-based society who's richness, strength, and intelligence were once known by an abundance all over the world, the Aramore bloodline was regarded with respect and awe. Those that were fortunate enough to be a part of it seemed gifted with unmatched potential and talent. The fall of the bloodline came with the fall of the Herd of Aramore. When war, disease, and famine wrecked the once-thriving herd, many began to see the Aramore bloodline in a different light. From riches to rags, those of this family had trouble being accepted into herds, rumors circulated about the fall of their empire and oftentimes they were associated with poor ethics, morality, and luck. Their only options were to accept bottom tier positions- the literal slaves of the herds. Decades later, an enigma is born- Blair. She is the daughter of slaves and carries the Aramore bloodline. To follow the same path as her ancestors would be a tragic waste of potential and talent, and though only her dam and sire understand this (the rest of the herd believing her to have no ability beyond simple slave work), it is enough to inspire an arduous journey- it is time to break the cycle of misfortune and return the Aramore name to its former glory.

At only several months old, her parents found and gathered different teachers and tools in order to instruct Blair to be the best version of herself. She began to take intense lessons and practiced constantly to learn a variety of languages and dialects that had been used through the Herd of Aramore and newer herds. Blair also learned about economics, politics, power play, foreign affairs, and much more needed to evolve from her lowly position and become a functional member of society that can rise through the ranks and perhaps one day reclaim the throne.

Fighting the negative notions of her bloodline proved to be difficult. Blair constantly held herself with regality and poise, her words and actions graceful and her intelligence unmatched, but it was a much more arduous process than simply being intelligent and classy. The task needed more. The girl realized she could convince her herd that the Aramore bloodline was not one of the slaves and the oppressed, but that it would not change the lives of those in other herds.

When learning about the history of Aramorian horses, she learned that when the Herd of Aramore was ultimately obliterated, those that managed to survive fled to faraway corners of the world. This meant that the bloodline still did exist beyond her social circles. It wasn't a mission to save herself and family anymore, it became much, much greater than that. It was reclaiming her ancestry and making a name for herself, her future children, and the rest of the Aramore family.

Ultimately, she decided to part ways with the herd she was born in and find a new place to rise and rule- somewhere that they didn't know her or Aramore. A fresh start was perfect, she wouldn't have to be a lowly, less-than citizen- she could bring pride back into her bloodline and lift the others from their oppression in the process.



Blair of Aramore
Oakes x Amelia

Those met:
Alaric // Street-Rat // a charming man with a knack for fun, him and Blair spoke briefly on Falskar Beach in plumeria.




Arms & Armor

Trinkets & Accessories

Gold Decor // gold band that holds half of her tail up with chains, four gold cannon cuffs, a gold necklace looped twice around the upper part of her neck with a dangling cross.
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