Equine Commoner of Eventide
Alignment Species Rank Buff
24 Mare — she/her 15.2 50ʜs
Age Sex Height Currency


Basic Information

Coloring: Lightly Dappled Grey
Markings: Primitive stripes on legs, gray tipped ears
Mane: Long - Black
Tail: Long - Black
Eyes: Red
Teeth: Retractable Fangs
Hooves: Dark Gray - Cloven

A little deeper...

She is built like an Andalusian/Thoroughbred horse with a lean, athletic body. Vex has a beautiful dappled gray body. It's generally very light and sometimes not even noticeable. Her legs are fade to black with elegant primitive stripes around her knees and hocks and extending up her forearm and gaskin. Her muzzle also fades to black. Her hooves are a dark gray and cloven like a deers. They are sharp and they make her very surefooted.

Her mane and tail are very long, but not very thick. They are black and shiny. You can usually find her tail and mane loose and messy, but she will occasionally have braids in them. Her red eyes are hard to miss. They will range in color depending on when she has fed. Dark red means she hasn't fed in a while, Light red means she just fed and a mid-tone red means she is right in the middle, not hungrey or too full. The biggest thing you notice about her are her fangs. They are retractable, so she might not always have them showing. When she does have them retracted, they only slightly stick out of her mouth.



“You’ve lost a lot of blood… here, take some of mine, my dear.”
Vex cares about life. This might seem strange coming from a vampire, but she will be careful not to kill her meal, but simple drain it till its weak, then let it go. However, she did go through a dark time where she did kill her food. Most of her caring nature is towards her family and some friends.


“Come. Lets drink and be merry. Let them happiness wash over us.”
Others around her seem to get inspired by her. She tries her best to be upbeat around others in hopes it keeps them going. Being a vampire, she has a natural charm and others cannot help but be intrigued by her. Once you get past the vampire part, she is very very likable.


“You were never there! Why care now after all these years!”
Vex can get very emotional sometimes. That 'caring' trait of hers can go beyond and be very intense, but it can go the other way too. She takes death very seriously and when a life is taken, her emotions go crazy. Being a vampire, they are heightened and often makes her extremely emotional.


“He looks at me for an answer, but I cannot return the words from my quiet mind.”
Sometimes, you cannot read Vex. She has the ability to keep her face, emotions and thoughts turned off. Its a vampire thing, she assumes. Sometimes, even with her caring personality, she can become very reserved and inward. Close ones know that is something very very wrong when this happens.


“The blood. It’s mine. I must have it all. No Unicorn can escape me now!”
I think this could be assumed with vampires, but Vex can get a little possessive with blood. Especially Unicorn Blood. She has been known to become possessive of young vampires, taking them in and caring for them, but going to the extremes with it. Her possessiveness can come off a bit clingy and a little crazy too.


“I’ll show you, Father. I’m not the little girl you taught me to be. I will kill and blood will be spilled."
Some say being vindictive is a positive thing. Vex does not. Her hate deep within her can sometimes get the best of her. If you hurt someone she loves, she will seek you out and make you pay. She has gone all the way before and killed out of spite, but she will try (sometimes) to find other ways to get her revenge.


Originated from the shadows of Cherry Oak where a ruthless Entity ruled...

Rh'acksul rules his vampire minions with honor back in the day. They were in the shadows, but they were happy with it. They could eat, kill, and do what they want without having the Entity watching their every step…. or so they thought she could see them lost deep into the shadows. Rh'acksul was a noble king. He treated his servants and people with respect, but this all changed when he met her. She tipped his world upside-down and he would go down hard and fast and forever give the vampires a bad name. Ailde was her name. She would become the last memory in his mind before he met the true death. Ailde was mischievous and liked to drink the blood from other horses of the lands… she also never stopped and would kill them. She thought it was her given right to kill whom she pleases and taste whom she pleases.

Rh'acksul was leery of this lifestyle, but he was wrapped around her soul and would do anything for her. Even kill and lie. They had a daughter and named her Vex. She was born a pure blood and would rise to power after her mother and father were done or no longer there. Her mother protected her and never wanted to share her with anyone. She thought her dapple gray filly with the ruby red eyes was too beautiful for the world to have and see so she kept her hidden for most of her youth. When Vex was 5, she decided she had had enough if this secrecy. She wanted to go out into the world and see what she would lead one day.

Vex left the main castle, and went on her own for a while. She killed and hunted like the beast she was. There was not a care in the world either. She was reckless and young, a dangerous mixture in a vampire princess. She had met stallions and other mares like herself. Vampires who liked to kill and feel their prey struggle under them. They would kill and devour all types too, even other vampires or mortal horses of the land. Her mother and father were no better than her. The shadows they were in were getting smaller and the supply of blood was thin. Rh'acksul was no longer this gentleman, but a monster with blood in his eyes and soul.

Five years later....

Vex was grown up a bit more. She had seen death, famine, and sorrow. She had been in fights and survived them. She decided to go home and see if her parents were still there. She wanted to know if they missed her or did not care that she went away. When she got to the main castle, blood boiled in her veins, not of thirst, but hatred. She found her father standing over her mother and a foal, drinking blood and ripping apart them with a crazy look in his eyes. They were no longer red like hers, but black and empty. She froze in place, not sure what to say, but she knew what to do. Her father was bigger than her, but she had one advantage over him. Surprise. She could see it, the noble in her and the reason why she came back. It was her turn to rise up and take control. To bring the vampires out of the shadows and into the night of the Cherry Oak.

She didn't hesitate once she knew. She struck low and hard, causing serious blood loss from her father. She struck again at his throat, his blind eyes not knowing what just happened until he finally gave up. He laid down and looked up at her and for a moment, Vex thought he could see her and her damned soul. He gave one last look at her and smiled. Rh'acksul had Ailde in his mind and away he went. He had met the true death. Vex was left there alone. Her fathers minions knew what just happened and they all gathered around Vex and bowed to their new Queen of the Vampires. Vex took this responsibility and ran with it. She needed to give the vampires a new name. She needed to make the Entity know that things are going to change and she would bring them up out of the shadows and into the land of the Cherry Oak. Vex, Queen of the Vampires would fight her old life out of her and bring forth a new life and reason for the vampires.

Many years later... the fall of the Vampire House and Cherry Oak

After the Entity went mad, things started to fall apart quickly. Vex watched around her as her house and the other houses of Cherry Oak were devoured by the all powerful Entity. She ate everything up and didn't think twice. Their once favored and cherished Goddess was gone and out to kill... blood thirsty just like the vampires. Vex tried to get all her family out, but it was too late, or so she thought... when Vex reached a land, far from Cherry Oak and the Entity, she found herself in Aramore and found her faithful and most trusted friend, Sil, and half of her minions, also waiting to see if anyone in her family made it out alive. Now Vex roams Aramore with Sil, hoping one day to rebuild their Vampire coven.

After being in Aramore for a few years....

Vex has a brother! He had been searching everywhere for her ever since the day he seen her kill their father. He has tracked her to Aramore. Vex didn't know she had a brother. In the 5 years she was gone, her mother and father gave birth to pureblood son, Alethius. He told Vex why father killed their mother. She was in foal with another stallions seed. Vex is shocked and not sure how to take all this in.

The Fall of Aramore...

Aramore is no more. The land went dark. Aramore thought the Gods were gone or just gave up, but they were still there and not happy with what they created. They turned it upside-down and watched it burn as the horses of Aramore fled for their lives. Vex watches as her vampire coven gets destroyed, again. Vex, Alethius and her minions escape, but Sil and the others met the true death. She met up with other herds from Aramore and got word the Hunters Society escaped with only a few deaths. Vex turns her feelings and emotions off, not wanting to deal with all this right now. She is reckless and blood thirsty, but Alethius wont leave her side.

Many more years passed by...

Her emotions have been turned back on, thanks to Alethius. They have found an Aunt they did not know they had. Their father's sister, Vivienne. They travel from land to land, not really wanting to rebuild the coven or even find a "home". They are fine being wanderers for now, but maybe one day they will find that special place again and start a new chapter...

Now that time has come. Vex finds herself in a strange, new land full of magic and wildly dressed equines. She is cautious as this place seems all too familiar... like Cherry Oak has come back from the dead...


Immediate Family

Sire: Rh’acksul
Dam: Ailde
Sire Parents: Dextran (grandfather) & Sesa (grandmother)
Dam Parents: Trytas (grandfather) & Annabel (grandmother)
Siblings: Alethius (brother)
Offspring: Faleen (daughter), Cicero (son)


Mate: Fallax (unknown location - missing/maybe dead)
Loved: Asgaroth & Fallax
Friends: Sil, Rahule (Cherry Oak)
Knows: Sil, Fallax, Alessandro, Reducto, Aurora, E’vesdar, Morrow (all from life in Cherry Oak)
Foes: Achilles (Cherry Oak)
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Looks like a Vampire to me: Retractable Fangs
Status: Obtained

LOCKED - Passive

Vampirism: Pureblood Vampire. Drinks blood. Red eyes change, depending on when they fed last. Better senses and strength. Sunlight sensitivity. Sunlight will eventually turn you to ashes, AKA DEATH.
Status: Not obtained yet.

LOCKED - Sorcery

Name: Description
Status: Not obtained yet.


"Something is lurking..."

Arms & Armor

"Swords will swing. Blood will spill"

Trinkets & Accessories

"The poor won't be poor forever"





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