Halla Equine Warden of the Isles Novice
Alignment Species Rank Buff
25 Stallion — he/him 17.1hh 1,705ʜs
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I'm better when I'm fighting for
another's palms, another's peace,
Breed: Warmblood
Color: Cherry bay/Bay
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Faceclaim: Bradley Cooper
Voiceclaim: Boron
Scent: Undergrowth; faint incense

Built on a sinewy and taut base, there’s little to no room for anything but muscle on and within the stallion’s frame. He is by no means a horse lacking in activity and instead thrives in physical exertion, whatever that may be. The fur of his coat consists of various hues of red and brown, and most closely resembles a rather vivid chestnut or bay if one had to guess a specific color. Lighter tones of said colors can be found over his shoulders and around his face, though otherwise the hues fade to darker shades throughout his body. At any given time the lighting present may easily play off and with the tones, creating either darker, lighter, or even different colored tinges over his fur. Needless to say, he retains a rather sleek look overall. Campion stands at 17.1hh and though on the taller side, his build itself appears quite evenly placed all around.

Perhaps one of the more identifiable features of his are his eyes which consist of a sea-green tone within them. Facial features are a kind mix between hard and soft, and mostly appears with an open and welcome demeanor as much as possible. During times of intense emotion, one of the green or blue shades of his irises may appear more dominant than the other; although it’s incredibly subtle and hard to spot.

An otherwise unkempt mane and tail drift from a dark brown to a lighter tone the closer to the ends the color trails down. His mane is quite long, and his tail remains untouched.

Around his shoulders and detached from the otherwise solid appearance that is his body, but may be mistaken as such anyway, is a crown of antlers fastened and clasped together. Though heavy, it does not seem to hinder him very much, but he is rarely seen without them


for another person's
other day living
Steadfast and vigilant, yet hard-headed and stubborn. While Campion’s best interest lies in maintaining reliability and being the best that he can be, in some areas he’s very much stuck in his ways and still learning - and with being rather young in the grand scheme of things, there’s a lot for him left to learn still. That being said, he’s more interested in serving a purpose and building his life around that purpose; to make something of himself. His primary interest is to be a soldier, a fighter, anything to keep himself moving and active while simultaneously being able to help and enforce if need be.

Once again, being on the younger side of adulthood has its downfalls. Even if he may not know it, he’s still very much developing and being shaped by his world and the people and events within it. There’s parts of him left undiscovered and untapped into, parts even he is likely unaware of - or those that haven’t even been created yet.

Quietly guarded and protected. While not introverted or even unkind to strangers and friends alike, there always seems to be a carefully constructed wall between his heart and those in his life. Whether to protect himself or them, it’s something he cannot always help.

Above all is his drive to continue chipping away at himself in his desire to be a version of himself he can be proud of and in, even if certain parts of him are left unintentionally untouched so as to not go beyond and change what is comfortable and known to him.


oh mother
I may not make it back
A native to Nordlys, Campion was born and raised within the city Morthallion. Under the reign of King Hessander IV, he thrived in the large city he’d be quick to call home before he could even speak the word.

In the beginning, Campion retained a reservation about himself even as a young child - always intent to learn and listen, yet silently so. He started off with a firm grasp on the rules within both household and societal; and though his parents weren’t painstakingly strict, he’d follow their word as though it were law. Intent to please just as much as he was to learn, he made it a common feat to impress and make his family proud of him - and, in turn, invoking pride and a quiet confidence within himself. Not entirely interested in the idea of friends during this time, oddly, and most times off-put by the rambunctious and overly loud types, he was able to form a few childhood friendships that offered him a kind of comfort in companionship. It wouldn’t be farfetched to suspect some of his inner dreams, aspirations, and interests began from listening to a friend (or friends) who might have spoken at him about the idea, about their own dreams or stories derived from history or legends.

Being so calm and quiet as a child, a rebellious and unruly phase began in the cusp of teenhood seemingly out of nowhere. Never having been one to question his authorities or act out, the streak was quite nearly unexpected. With the growth of curiosity came a certain amount of judgment to accompany it. More and more he tested the patience and authority of his parents - often in both subtle or obvious ways, never in between. Ever growing, he felt the nagging feeling of wanting more, in officially setting his thoughts and dreams to reality, in making something of himself, yet at the cost of a firm defiance lingering within his interest. He was given various smaller opportunities to do so, however, and he readily jumped at any and all chances of expanding his knowledge of his home, of the history, and following the path that could ultimately lead him to help begin shaping himself into adulthood. By the time such had rolled around, he had significantly mild down again with his inner self sated - for now.

Now on his own as a full adult, most of his story is yet to be written, but he remains determined to experience it all himself, and to do his utmost at doing the most with what he’s given in this next step in his life.
from where beaches
are blOOd and sea


Aelgrimm Warden of the Isles. Respect, acquaintance.
Aylin Lover. An occupier of his mind and heart; entranced and captivated by. Somewhat tentative considering his lack of experience, but would regardless do anything for. Trusted. Unknowingly, the mother of his child.
Liraeth Spar buddy and acquaintance.
Morrigan Acquaintance.




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