Totem Records

Across Totem, records are scribbled and kept on book shelves and in caves; reciting the history of those who weave their stories in the world of Nordlys. Here, you can find anything from the ages of all those whom inhabit here, the immortals, to births and deaths alike. Even a list of those blessed — or cursed — with magic. There are also the mythical Varwulfar, who share souls with the few. But if you're in for a treat, the keepers of these tales also hold the mighty songs of the battles fought and won and lost; to the kings and queens of herd's past and present; and the personal staff to Hessander himself. Yet last, but not least, the Book Keeper of the Grand Library holds dear the precious list of all of the immortalized Legends of the world.

You will also find that there are extensive records of major events, quests, and site plots that have occurred across the time of Totem.