Quest Moons of evening stars.

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Warden of the Isles

To hear another soul and to whisper to another soul;
To be a lantern in the darkness

The frothing sea crested the shore with momentous beauty, reminding the silver woman of the snowcapped mountains that bordered Leif’s garden. She stood at the mouth of the woods bordering the Shallows, facing towards the water. The sun was nesting along the horizon line, tucked in by the nebulous blanket of Cosmos’ blue pelt. The sky was splashed with purples and oranges, dipped in the deep saturations of midnight, and she thought of the cats that prowled the canopy overhead.
Her cerulean wings cradled her gravid belly, more than a simple bump now, yet the Warden’s mind was absent. She had been called elsewhere, coaxed into the recesses of her very soul by the presence of her other half. Her Varwulfar. Leif had found the creature slumbering within a clan, that had been the Totem’s mysterious message; but it had taken her spirit no time to figure it out. How fitting that the piece that’d make her whole would live within Maleficar.
Sans a potent inkling, she had no way of knowing for certain what creature her spirit-self embodied, but it had taken little time to guess. A direpanther: one of the enigmatic, nebulous creatures that prowled between earth and sky. She could hardly believe that she was at all deserving of their noble ferocity, but she would strive to prove herself so.
With a gentle sweep of her feathers along the grass, Aylin heaved a sigh and turned towards the forest. Eventide slumbered, and were she wise, she would be doing the same. Yet how could she? Her spirit had been ripped open: raw and vulnerable and exposed by the knowledge that she was missing something. Someone. He called to her now, an indiscernible whisper at the back of her mind—so contradictingly loud that she wondered how she hadn’t herd him before.
“Forgive me, my friend, for not noticing you sooner,” for he was that, yet so much more. She spoke to no one, her voice a lilting caress among the sea breeze. Gently, the Warden sifted through foliage as she walked her aimless patrol, content among the crepuscular insects and animals that stirred as her steps, inevitably, guided her towards Halla’s Path.
She wondered if she would find her spirit-brother, somewhere along the way.

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A V A L L A C 'H
He is slowly beginning to move back south of Nordlys and into Dirtharest.  It is a slow reintegration that he is fine drawing out, for he may be more himself than he was a few weeks prior, but he must be cautious.  For his own sake.  He cannot let himself get swept up in Dirtharest's rugged and untamed ways again.

He has already stepped foot back into the South, but he is not going to allow himself to stay longer than needed.  That is why he returned back to the Archipelago.  Ard Maleficar, like the North, is much calmer than Dirtharest in Avallac'h's opinion; surrounded by water on all sides and protected by the boughs of her trees.  She is a gentle but strong presence; reassuring and soothing.  Avallac'h is able to stand still and breathe when he is here.

Dirtharest calls for him to press on and persevere, while Ard Maleficar calls for him to settle and reflect for a moment.  These are two sides of the same coin when it comes to Avallac'h, but at the moment he needs only what he feels Ard Maleficar can give him.  So, he is allowing himself to be greedy for a moment and take in the beauty he knows she holds.  (He still does not feel welcomed, but he never does anywhere.  After all, he is an intruder no matter where he goes.)

That thought that he will only ever be a trespasser biding his time is why he is sticking to the outskirts, near where one enters.  He didn't do this in the beginning, but he knows he needs to distance himself.  A wanderer cannot grow attached (and yet it happens time and time again). 

The rest that only the coming night can bring is beginning to fall across the land, but Avallac'h does not let himself answer its call.  He continues to walk, cloak dragging at his side like it always does.  His walking is aimless, meant to mostly allow himself to simply be.  The natural song Ard Maleficar sings follows him as he moves.

When his eyes spot azure wings, he knows who it is immediately.  (A question immediately pops into his mind, one that makes him feel like a pestering parent that is wondering why their child is up when they should be going to sleep.)  "Aylin?"  He calls out gently, moving past foliage to get to her and see her better.  Perhaps she is just out for a stroll he muses to himself.  "What has pulled you all the way out here?"  He asks casually, finally coming into full view with his cloak in tow.  The question is as close to 'are you alright' as he is going to get at the moment; he's going to keep himself from worrying too much despite knowing that becoming a Warden has allowed fatigue to nip at Aylin.

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