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1. First contact after adventuring away from the Unum Tribe
[SWP] to new horizons - Rayaris; Ard Maleficar, Lumenor y1

2. Joining the Eventide
this sea will claim it all - Aylin, Campion; Ard Maleficar, Vesper y1


0 VP - NOVICE - Your character’s base stats.
3 VP - SOLVE -  Your characters draughts have increased their vitality. +1 STRENGTH.
5 VP - COAGULA - They are getting faster at completing each concoction. +1 SPEED.
7 VP -  BOTANIST - They have become familiar with the animal kingdom and study their movements. +AGILITY
10 VP - FLASK - Sturdy potion flasks mean they can uncork a potion when they most need it. +1 ENDURANCE.
13 VP - ADEPT - Once again they have learned attack and sprint with more speed. +1 Wisdom + 1 Luck. Now receives two potions when completed a successful alchemy rather than one.
15 VP - NIRVANA - Their mind has strengthened, but most of all so has their heart. +1 ENDURANCE
17 VP - BIOLOGIST - Their study of animals allows them a stronger allegiance with their bonded. +1 COMPANION
20 VP - HERBALIST - Remedies that work like magic. +1 MAGIC
23 VP - PLAGUE- They strike fast and without mercy. +1 ATTACK
25 VP - POISONER -  Their poisons deal incredible damage. +1 DAMAGE
27 VP - DOCTOR - The years have rendered them hardy and impervious. +1 DEFENSE  
30 VP - ALCHEMIST - Now receives Three potions when completed a successful alchemy rather than two. +5 HP, +1 Wisdom + 1 Luck
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