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0 VP - NOVICE - Your character’s base stats.
3 VP - APPRENTICE - Your character has learned to step softly but swiftly. +1 AGILITY.
5 VP - PICKPOCKET -  Your character is getting the hang of the art of stealth and is beginning to pickpocket with ease. +1 SPEED.
7 VP - ROGUE - The legwork and active lifestyle your character leads has rendered them lean and muscular. +1 STRENGTH.
10 VP - ENDURER - Your character has found ways to cut corners and make tasks easier. +1 ENDURANCE<.br>
13 VP - CUTPURSE - Now wielding a weapon your character is shaping into a force to be reckoned with. +1 to attack, awarded ‘Thief Blade’ weapon.
15 VP - CLOAK - Your character is harder to hit. +1 DEFENSE.
17 VP - BROTHER - Your character works well with others, especially their companion. +1 COMPANION.
20 VP - ARTIFICER - Magic aids your character greatly in their work. +1 MAGIC.
23 VP - BACKLASH - Information reaches your character faster than attacks do. +1 DEFENSE.
25 VP - SPY - Your character leanrs of their opponents weaknesses and explots them. +1 DAMAGE.
27 VP - ASSASSIN -  Your character is now a fully fledged assassin. +1 ATTACK.
30 VP - RAVEN'S EYES - Your character has unlocked the unique stealth tree ability that grants them allegiance to the ravens in Nordlys. Your character may call upon a raven to spy on whichever active thread of the characters choosing ONCE per season.  +5 to HP.


0 VP - NOVICE - Your character’s base stats.
3 VP - SOLVE -  Your characters draughts have increased their vitality. +1 STRENGTH.
5 VP - COAGULA - They are getting faster at completing each concoction. +1 SPEED.
7 VP -  BOTANIST - They have become familiar with the animal kingdom and study their movements. +AGILITY
10 VP - FLASK - Sturdy potion flasks mean they can uncork a potion when they most need it. +1 ENDURANCE.
13 VP - ADEPT - Once again they have learned attack and sprint with more speed. +1 Wisdom + 1 Luck. Now recieves two potions when completed a successful alchemy rather than one.
15 VP - NIRVANA - Their mind has strengthened, but most of all so has their heart. +1 ENDURANCE
17 VP - BIOLOGIST - Thier study of animals allows them a stronger allegiance with their bonded. +1 COMPANION
20 VP - HERBALIST - Remedies that work like magic. +1 MAGIC
23 VP - PLAGUE- They strike fast and without mercy. +1 ATTACK
25 VP - POISONER -  Their poisons deal incredible damage. +1 DAMAGE
27 VP - DOCTOR - The years have rendered them hardy and impervious. +1 DEFENCE 
30 VP - ALCHEMIST - Now recieves Three potions when completed a successful alchemy rather than two. +5 HP, +1 Wisdom + 1 Luck


0 VP - NOVICE - Your character’s base stats.
3 VP - FLEET -  Your character has learned to carry themselves  greater distances. +1 ENDURANCE.
5 VP - ORTHODOX - Your character has learned speedy jabs using the right side of their body. +1 SPEED.
7 VP - SOUTHPAW - Tactics and strategy are beginning to take shape in your characters fighting. +1 AGILITY.
10 VP - WARCRY - Your character has learned to invoke fear in their enemies with a fearsome battlecry. +1 STRENGTH.
13 VP - SLASH - Your character has learned to utilise a weapon perfectly. +1 AGILITY, awarded ‘Warrior’s Kukri’ weapon.
15 VP - SNATCHER - They can now swoop in to perform a nasty attack upon their opponent. +1 STRENGTH.
17 VP - ALLY - Their companion  is their greatest ally. +1 COMPANION.
20 VP - DAEMON - Magic aids their most vicious moves. +1 MAGIC.
23 VP - PAYBACK - They have learned to attack as their opponent does. +1 ATTACK.
25 VP - SPARTAN -  They have begun to deal incredible damage, breaking bones and scarring for life. +1 DAMAGE.
27 VP - BASILISK - Their skin is now thick from wear but mostly from tear. +1 DEFENSE. 
30 VP - ROAR - Blessed with the power of the Totem Lars, your character can now create a roar that crosses ocean and puts fear in every heart who hears it. Out of battle this can be used as many times as your please, however may only be used once per Totem year in battle. It detracts -1 defense per 10 HP from your opponent.  +5 HP, +1 WISDOM, +1 LUCK.





ᴍᴀʟᴘʜᴀs ᴏᴄᴀʀɪɴ [Image: HblYvPq.gif]

Warmth... familiar warmth...this sensation that tickled Malphas' crimson skin was the first he had of this world. His eyes were hiding behind his eyelids as his mind came from a dreamscape like he'd never witnessed before. Before he knew it, the images of a silver pool and three great rocks was fading within a mist deep within his mind and his eyelids became easier to lift. Citrine eyes revealed themselves to the world around him and he realized that the landscape was unfamiliar to him. Upon this realization, the stallion was jolting to his feet and regaining his balance. Something about this land was strange and it fed his curiosity.

He started to think back to his journey that lead him here, and if he remembered crossing into this land. The last he remembered was seeing the mist of an early morning just beyond his reach, and then he was suddenly engulfed by it and it's magic. A great, angry snort left the beast's nostrils at the thought of magic. He believed magic to be the gateway to corruption. He saw his homeland fall to others that carried the disease and saw what it could do to even the most innocent and caring of minds. He thrived on strength and courage, not the darkness of magic.

As he stood there, surveying the landscape around him, he came to realize the familiar warmth of his amulet was absent from his chest. His ears swiveled backwards and he gazed down to see that, indeed, his only link to his homeland was gone. Was it the magic of this land that rid of him of his citrine stone amulet? What would the purpose of that be. If it was this land that rid him of his precious amulet, he would be sure to find it in his travels. For now, the beast ventured forward, knowing the vast and open landscape wouldn't hide potential enemies from him easily.

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