Cosmos Alignment Vex



Commoner of Eventide

Stones of Fate

Step forward, my dear, and welcome.

Serenity and peace, where stillness reigns in an in-between, you enter. A mirror pool swallows your hooves as you step into the cool water, silver lapping against your legs in a sweet caress. The air shimmers here in the mist, where the sun does not glitter and the moon does not rise. Time is at a standstill, as you come to stop in the center of a circle of ancient stones.

Three stones reach higher to the heavens than the rest, swirled with a language that beckons to the far reaches of your mind. The first, covered in closed blooms too dull for the spring they capture. The second, a stone so deep that it could swallow the night sky and the glory of its stars. And the last, of obsidian and earth together, a songbird perches on its curve. Watching, as your gaze falls upon its feathers.

The air thrums with the beat of your heart. You know what you must do.


Weaving Stories

Without words nor sound nor uttered breath, you step towards the Stone of Cosmos. The water and earth and sky begin to tremble. For you are Vex of Cherry Oak. Your choice has been made.

Your story is only beginning.

Fates Design

Player Name: jendee
Other Characters: n/a
Free Item: Aesthetic Magic
Birth Season: What season was your character born? Hiverner (Winter)
Loyalty and Rank: Wanderers (for now)
Other Notes: I know Vex cannot be a full on vampire right now. I think the aesthetic magic will cover retractable fangs, but I think passive magic would cover vampirism? So I wont be role playing her like a vampire just yet (even though her profile says differently) I am open to working with the staff on her. I know her being a vampire is hard to get accepted on RPGs. Also, i've never really played her as immortal. I just see it as they can live very, very long and age super duper slow and can die! (but that's pretty much being immortal, i guess) lol I have more info for you to better understand how I do vampires: CLICK HERE I am totally open to reshaping things as needed for Totem's world! 

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