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Asset Updates

Whenever you purchase an item from the shop, you must make sure to have it logged in asset updates before you use it - This applies to all inventory items aside from potions. Please remember the inventory rules found in the shop section of the Field Guide.

After your asset update has been processed (your comment will be removed -- this is how you know we've logged it!) your character can receive the asset ICly and you can put the asset on your character's profile in the applicable box. If there are any issues we will tag you below and let you know of any fixes you may need to make.

If you have multiple assets to update, please use one form each!

<h2>Asset Update</h2>
<b>Character Name:</b> Name.
<b>Asset Type:</b> Item Name here.
<b>Description:</b> A brief description here.
(For NEW assets please continue — for an update please erase this second part of the form)
<b>Link to thread where character receives the asset:</b> your character must be depicted picking up their item from the yak, fang & fur, Belkors, or it can simply arrive to them by Pygmy Post.

Item Conversions

Some items come in different sizes and they can be broken down into smaller ones to use for accessories rather than larger objects.

  • Large item = 2 medium item (or 4 smalls)
  • Medium item = 2 small item.
  • Large Weapon = 2 small weapon.
  • Full set Armor = 2 half armor.
  • Half set armor = face plate and set horseshoes OR 2 faceplates OR 2 sets horseshoes.


<h2>Item Conversion Request</h2>
<b>Account Item is On:</b> Account Name here.
<b>Destination Account:</b>  Account you'd like the smaller items sent to here.
<b>Item Type and Size:</b>  What kind of inventory item is it and what size?
<b>Conversion:</b>  What smaller sizes would you like us to send you?

Item Claim

If you have won an asset like Sorcery or Varwulfar through a site contest or through the Free asset Claim, please use the following to have your assets added to your character's admin records:
NOTE: Make sure you have a description of the asset in your character's profile before we process it. 


Please make sure that the "Sorcery" section of your character's profile (under "Assets") is already filled out  prior to replying to this thread.
<h2>Sorcery Claim</h2>
Please explain EACH level of your character's magic below. After this claim is processed your character will earn will earn INITIUM level.

Explain initium magic here.

Explain the effects of acolyte upgrade.

Explain the effects of peregrini upgrade.

Explain effects of magister upgrade. This will be your character's magic power at full form.


<b>Link to thread where Magic was discovered/conjured:</b> link here
<b>How did you earn this sorcery?</b> site event? free assets claim?


 Please make sure that the "Varwulfar" section of your character's profile (under "Assets") is already filled out prior to replying to this thread.
<h2>Varwulfar Claim</h2>
<b>Varwulfar type:</b> Wordly/Ethereal/Behemoth
<b>Varwulfar class:</b> Spy/Guardian/Keeper/Collector/Socialite
<b>Default Jinx:</b> What jinx was your Varwulfar born with?

Please explain the appearance of your varwulfar here!


<b>Link to thread where Varwulfar was found:</b> link here
<b>How did you earn this Varwulfar?</b> site event? free assets claim?


 Please make sure that the relevant section of your character's profile (under "Assets") is already filled out prior to replying to this thread.
<h2>OTHER claim</h2>
<b>Claim:</b> Immortality/Armor/Weapon/Outfit (select one) 
<b>Asset description:</b> Describe the asset.
<b>Link to thread where asset is found/purchased/given:</b> link here
<b>How did you earn this asset?</b> site event? free assets claim?
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@Rikyn Varwulfar claimed and items converted!



Item Conversion Request

Account Item is On: @Soln
Destination Account: Soln's account, please.
Item Type and Size: It is his Large Item from Joining the site.
Conversion: 2 medium items

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