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Dock Quick Links

You may have noticed that Totem has a special dock feature that floats at the bottom of your screen (or at the top on our mobile site). These are quick links to help you navigate to different parts of Totem RPG.


The first quick link is a simple button to return to our home page.

Open Book

The second icon of an open book will take you to Totem's Field Guide.

Treasure Map

The third link of a tower and map will take you to Totem's in-depth Atlas, which goes into incredible detail of the massive world of Nordlys as a whole.

Maple Leaf

The fourth icon will take you to Totem's official Herbarium & Bestiary, which lists all common and mythical species of flora and fauna found on site.

Shiny Diamond

The fifth icon of a diamond and other shiny items will take you to Totem's Shop. Here, you can spend and donate all of your collected hacksilber in your individual Filligrims bank accounts.


The sixth icon will take you to Totem's Member List.

Proud Falcon

The seventh icon will navigate you to the all of Totem's official Records; from SWPs, quests, magic, aging characters, immortals, battles, and stealths. Everything you can think of is recorded here for safekeeping.

Prancing Pony

The eighth icon in the dock will take you to a handy Word Counter!


The ninth icon will take you to your own personal Tracker. But be warned: this icon will ONLY APPEAR if you input the link to your thread tracker under "Edit Profile" in the User CP.


The tenth, last but not least icon, will take you to your own account's personal Thread Log.

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