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Thread Prefixes & Title Tags

Across Totem, there is a multitude of thread prefixes and title tags that are used both in OOC and IC boards. Below is a helpful guide to all of the prefixes and tags that are used, as well as which ones are required.

OOC Thread Prefixes

You can also find thread prefixes on all of Totem's out-of-character boards. They differ depending on which board you are browsing! Here is a breakdown on all of the thread prefixes you can come across:

Universal Prefixes

Universal prefixes can be found in any board on site.
  • [INFO] - Important information threads; can also be seen in IC boards
  • [POLL] - A staff poll asking for player input


  • [LORE] - One of the Book Keeper's shared items of Nordlysian lore

Nordlys Herald

  • [OOC] - An out-of-character announcement
  • [IC] - An in-character announcement
  • [OOC EVENT] - An out-of-character event
  • [IC EVENT] - An in-character event
  • [SITE UPDATE] - A site-wide update or change


  • [UPDATE] - A maintenance update thread

Questions & Concerns

  • [QUESTION] - A player question submitted to staff
  • [ANSWERED] - An answered question or addressed concern; staff only

Bugs & Fixes

  • [NEW] - A new bug
  • [FIXED] - A fixed issue; staff only


  • [DUEL] - A duel.
  • [Challenge] - A Challenge.
  • [SKIRMISH] - A skirmish.
  • [STATS] - character stats and rolls.

Stones of Fate & Accepted

  • [HALLA] - A new/accepted character with Halla Alignment
  • [NEUTRAL] - A new/accepted character with Neutral Alignment
  • [COSMOS] - A new/accepted character with Cosmos Alignment

The Beyond

  • [DECEASED] - A deceased character
  • [DELETED] - A deleted character
  • [INACTIVE] - An inactivated character

Adoption Center

  • [OPEN ADOPT] - An available adopt
  • [TAKEN ADOPT] - A design has been adopted

Lore (Vault)

  • [OPEN WORLD] - Player-created lore with open slots for characters
  • [LIMITED WORLD] - Player-created lore with select slots for characters
  • [CLOSED WORLD] - Player-created lore for reference only

Member Shops (Art Studio)

  • [OPEN SHOP] - Member shop is open for business
  • [CLOSED SHOP] - Member shop is closed for business

Wanted (Art Studio)

  • [WANTED] - Looking/in search of something (art or coding)
  • [FOUND] - Wanted request was fulfilled

Mentor (Resources)

  • [REQUEST] - A player request for mentorship by a Totem coach
  • [COMPLETED] - A completed request for mentorship

Education Center (Resources)

  • [LESSON] - A player or staff submitted lesson

IC Thread Prefixes

Thread Prefixes are required on all in-character threads posted in the Storytelling boards. They are convenient handles that help decipher various meanings about the thread in itself. Akin to OOC prefixes, they can be selected in a drop down menu next to the thread title, and are written like [THIS]. Totem's IC thread prefixes are:
  • [O] - Open threads (for anyone to join in)
  • [P] - Private threads (for only tagged characters)
  • [RAPID FIRE] - Quick-post threads with a minimum word count of 80 words per post
  • [QUEST] - Quest threads
  • [SWP] - Site Wide Plot threads; staff only
  • [SWQ] - Site Wide Quest threads; staff only

IC Tags

When appropriate, title tags are a requirement to be used as a fair warning in the title of your thread. This is to show outside readers - before they click the link - of the potential adult or triggering content that is written in a thread. Please Note: When used, title tags are written like |THIS| somewhere in the thread name. EX. Souleater |MV| or |MV| Souleater.
  • |MS| - Mature (Sexual)
  • |MV| - Mature (Violent)
  • |MDA| - Mature (Drugs and Alcohol)
  • |TW| - Trigger Warning

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