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Welcome Guide

Welcome to Totem! We're excited to have you here and join the family! We know it can be pretty intimidating, especially when you're first starting out. So, here is a helpful guide to help you get started.

Starting Out

I. If you're still unsure about joining Totem just yet, don't worry! Take a look around for as long as you need to. When you feel ready, we recommend reading Chapter I of the Field Guide first and foremost. These sections will familiarize you with the basics of how Totem works!

II. Once you decide if you'd like to join the Totem family, head on over to the Registration page to create your Out of Character (OOC) Account. Please register with the player name you'd like to be called, with no numerals or crazy spelling (ex. sPonGebOB). Once registered, check your email to activate your account (it might end up in your Spam folder). Then voila! You've officially joined Totem! Now, head on over to Account Updates to have your account switched from "Registered" to "Out of Character."

III. Next, create your character (IC) account(s). Please make sure to capitalize the first letter of their name when you register: (ex. like This). After you verify your character account, click the User CP and head to the bottom to "Account Switcher." Here, you can link your two accounts together for easy access!

IV. After your accounts are linked, next up is filling out your character's profile. Now, we highly recommend reading further into the Field Guide to help with bringing your character to life in the Totem universe. The guide can help you learn more about the site lore, the herds and kingdoms that exist, and the rich history of the Nordlys natives. When you're ready, head back into your User CP and click "Edit Profile." Fill out each section to your liking, and as long as they follow our word count and creation guidelines, you're good to go to join your character!

V. This is it. You're joining your first character on Totem. Your profile is filled out, you're ready, and now it's time to enter the Stones of Fate.

After Acceptance

VI. Once a staff member has replied to your Stones of Fate joining quest, congratulations! Your character has been fully accepted into the Totem world. Now, it's time to dive in. To help you on your way why not pick up a few Magical Assets!
 You can choose to head on over to the Vault and check out the Plotters (or even post one of your own). You can even jump right in and start writing! Or, you can make yourself comfortable in the Totem Common Room, and introduce yourself! We're excited to have you here and join our family.

VII. If you decide to start writing, scroll all of the way up to the top of the OOC boards, until you see a handy link to your top right that says "Realms." Clicking this will switch you over to our Storytelling section, which contains the magical universe of Nordlys. Here you can find the realms split by major regions - Grimnodas, Archipelago, Oceania, and Dirtharest. However, the world is even larger than that! Don't forget, you can always head over to our Atlas to learn more about our expansive, rich locations and the history behind them all. Don't forget, you may also access the Atlas via the static navigation bar- it's the third icon which, naturally, looks like a map!

VIII. Want to write and you're having trouble? On Totem, we have our own Mentorship program for all writers wishing to improve, as well as a Muse Assist system for those times when the energy to write is really low. Besides that, we have an Education Center for members and staff to post lessons on the basics of writing on RPGs, coding, and everything under the sun that can help you.

IX. Once you've had a go at threading you can move on to trying out the various systems like battle, stealth and alchemy! For this, particularly battle, your character will need stats. You can head over to chapter III of the field guide to read about all of the systems. Furthermore, you should request stats for your character here.

Welcome Home

X. Last but not least, there are a handful of cool player resources available to you on Totem! We have our own artist corner, full of member studios and coding want ads for all of your creative needs here on site. There is also a Game Center for fun IC and OOC shenanigans, and a support section for when times get tough and you need an extra hug or two. And finally, should you ever go on vacation, or life happens, and other craziness that occurs in the real world, let us know in our Absence board. We care and we will eagerly wait for your return, no matter how long it may be.

XI. On behalf of the Totem staff team, I would like to formally welcome you with open arms to our family. We're happy to have you here, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to any one of us on site or on Discord. Welcome home ♡

- howl's moving castle -

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