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Of the Month Nominations - December 2018

Hello Totem family! It's that time again; another round of Of the Month (OTM) nominations has officially begun! There are a total of FOUR Of the Month awards: Character, Thread, Quote (spoken or apart of post), and Strangers (does not have to be a romantic couple, just a pair). To nominate those you believe are deserving, simply copy and paste the code below in your reply. You can submit as many nominations as you'd like, however please try and be original!

The prize for winning an OtM award has also been increased to 300ʜs! AND the first person to nominate the winner of each award will also win 100ʜs!

After nominations are over, polls will be open from the 25th until the 30th of December. Winners will be announced on January 1st.

Nominations will close December 25th!

Character of the Month

Since @Pyrrha won last month, they are not eligible to be nominated.

Thread of the Month

All threads either posted in or created during this month are eligible to be nominated. Main SWP/SWQ cannot be nominated.

Quote of the Month

Since @Stellanor won last month, they are not eligible to be nominated.

Strangers of the Month

Since @Kid  and @Stefan won last month, they are not eligible to be nominated.


Character of the Month

@Oizys nominated by Liza!
Reason Nominated: she has grown so much these past few months in Nordlys and I am so excited to see where she goes with her new promotion and what becomes of her and her babu :O

@Avallac'h nominated by Formie!
Reason Nominated: Who doesn't love the sophisticated old man! He is so eloquently written and is a treat to stalk no matter the thread.

@Kyrr nominated by Sii!
Reason Nominated: I'm in love with Kyrr's personality and the depth in which she is written. I find myself seeking out her threads on a regular basis, knowing that each post of her's is going to bring a smile to my face.

Thread of the Month

Blessed Be nominated by MoonRat!
Reason Nominated: The writing and interactions in this thread are fantastic! I can picture everything that happens and the interactions feel real as can be. The language barrier is also written wonderfully and is done in a believable way.

Quote of the Month

@Kid in sinners never sleep, nominated by Formie!
'What I don't know (or perhaps I do, somewhere deep in the back of my mind) is that Ozzy has bed the same sparkling pony I did, and how either of us did it is a question that will likely never have an answer.'
Reason Nominated: Easily one of those one-liners that would make for a great movie premise, plus with Kid's PoV sass behind it, it's perfection.

@Jahra in Blessed Be, nominated by Narcissist!
'"Vos scitis... satis pulcher es," (You know... you are quite handsome) she calls boldly over her blue-grey shoulder, thankful, for a moment, of their language barrier.'
Reason Nominated: Not only is Jahra absolutely precious, but Sii writes her incredibly well! She's super adorable, watching her learn the common tongue is a treat, and this quote embodied something both relatable and cute as hell. Her girlish charm is so, so lovable in this snippet of Sii's lovely post.

Strangers of the Month

@November & @Antioch in The Doctor Is In, nominated by Kytte!
Reason Nominated: I ADORE the sass that has so far flung between these two. It is very entertaining to see the jovial and forthright Antioch absolutely meet their match with young November.

@Freesia & @Ryo in Hunger, Thirst, nominated by Neamrel!
Reason Nominated: I've been interested in these two ever since Ryo's profile was made. Their relationship and story are so unique, and finally being able to see it all come to life is great. I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye on both of them! (Plus, let's not forgot how amazing Silver and Cissy are at writing them out, like look how beautiful it all is!)

Nomination Code

<b>Player Name:</b> Your OOC Name

<b>Of the Month:</b> Which award?
<b>Nomination:</b> Character, Thread, Quote, or Stranger's Names here. Please provide us with links!
<b>Reason Nominated:</b> Tell us why they should win the OTM award!


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Nominations are closed!
Please head on over to vote for your
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Since only one Thread was nominated for OTM, Blessed Be, nominated by MoonRat wins by default!

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