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Scout of Eventide

With a bit of determination she could achieve anything, she figured. Calima had never been the type that sought themselves to a community, let alone a herd, but her arrival to the new environments had not been the only huge change in her lifestyle. She had concluded she needed a sense of belonging at last. This was the time to start really fresh. Actually, there had been a series of drastic game changers lately, and she refrained from going too deep thinking about them. Instead she became mindful of the current setting. Her gaze darted back and forth in the beginning, trying to capture all of it. Calima's eyes widened when she took a proper look around. A calm stare that moved with ease; instead of flickering like before, unsure of where to rest her eyes. The color scheme was breathtaking. Calima had always appreciated amazing aesthetics deeply. She embraced the view of this coral garden as she made her way across it, and something suddenly stung her heart a bit. She felt something similar to loss when she had gone into her thoughts again. 

Calima didn't notice when she stopped being mindful, which speaks for itself. She was awful with mindfulness, but she constantly tried. Because she had been taught that it could relieve the mind of stress and sadness. Not only that, but it was also essential in order to stay alive. Being aware of surroundings was important. Yet she wandered off into her thoughts again. She experienced a very vague sensation. She felt safe close to the corals. She felt at home near reefs and reeflike environments. And it hurt her to realize this, because she had never actively called something home. Never had she felt a deep enough connection to a place to actually call it home. This place wasn't home yet but it had potential. A smile overshadowed with something sad made its way to the pink lips. Suddenly Calima's movement met resistance. Surprised, her attention darted back to reality and found that one of her hind legs had been entangled in seaweed. The struggle was real, for a little bit, until she managed to free herself. How she ended up like this so often was beyond her understanding. Calima rolled her eyes and let out a bubbly sigh. Being clumsy was never gonna cease to be a trait of hers, right? Nah.

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