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Stats Request

Stats provide an incredible edge to our battle system and allow you to improve your character each fight and with each asset gained. Stats encourage you to write your character differently to others in battle and they are also how we determine hits and damage during the battle.
If you would like to battle your character, here's how you can get your stats.

Please view the battle page of the guidebook for more information on the classes and battle. You can also check out our Statistics 101 supplement thread for a breakdown on the stats system.

The Stats

The following is what contributes to your character's stats:
  • Base stats: strength, speed, agility, and endurance.
      Base Stats equal 20. Strength, speed, agility, endurance + points for your characters physical build and class are added to the equation.

  • Assets: Armor, Weapon, Varwulfar and Sorcery
      Characters can have a maximum of 2 sorcery abilities and each is given a score of 1-4 based on each power's level (novice, acolyte, etc.)
      Characters can have up to two Varwulfar and their score goes up by 0.5 each hex and jinx your varwulfar learns with a maximum value of 3 each.
      Armor has a maximum value of 2 and weapons have a maximum value of 2. Each weapon/armor owned earns 1 point.
  • Health Points (HP): the amount of damage your character can tolerate before fainting (0 HP).
    You will get 1 HP per VP you earn, and each asset gained contributes to your HP also.
  • Battle stats: attack, defense, and damage.
    These are the final sums of the algorithm. The combination of your base stats, your characters VP, armor, varwulfar and magic, all together to create the perfect storm! 

    ATTACK and DEFENCE determines whether you hit your opponent or not. If you have a low attack and your opponent a high defence its likely that your character may miss! Attack is rolled on a 20 sided dice.

    DAMAGE is the amount of damage your character is capable of causing. Damage is rolled on a 6 sided dice with 1 being the smallest amount of damage and 6 being quite brutal. 

Request Form

<b>Name:</b> Your Character's Name
<b>Species:</b> Your Character's Species
<b>Class:</b> Rogue, Mage, Warrior
<b>Breed:</b> Your Character's Breed
<b>Special Considerations:</b> Any special considerations we should take into account when creating their stats. This includes stone skin, prosthetic limbs, missing limbs, and similar attributes. Special considerations DO NOT include history/background and character height (heights are already factored in with the character's BUILD).

Stats Update

To have your character's stats updated because of a new asset or victory (or loss) please use the following applicable form:

For adding VP/EXP

<b>Name:</b> Your Character's Name
<b>Number of VP:</b> #
<b>Number of EXP:</b> #
<b>All proof:</b> link all proof

For adding an asset value to stats

<h2>Asset Addition</h2>
<b>Name:</b> Your Character's Name
<b>Asset Type:</b> Weapon/Armor/Varwulfar/Magic, Magic Upgrade/Varwulfar, Varwulfar upgrade, etc. etc.
<b>Has this asset been processed/waiting in asset updates?</b> Yes/No

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@Blair your stats have been calculated!



Commoner of Morthalion

Name: Vellichor
Species: Pegasus
Class: Mage
Breed: Percheron
Special Considerations: She carries her tome with her everywhere so if you want to factor in her ability to reference any certain spells or magic in there this might be useful, otherwise there's nothing of particular note.

(( I'm utterly delighted by this system, being a D&D player - I can now imagine equines rolling dice and it's a great image ))

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