Spar Indulge Me (Avallac'h vs Ru)

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Beauty has always been deadlier
than the battlefield you call home

Slowly he was beginning to overcome the war raging inside of him.  The anxiety-inducing feeling that had grown stronger in the past few weeks was ebbing and with its decrease, Avallac'h had slowly begun to feel more like himself.  He hardly thought the awaked restlessness had left though, no, he knew it was still there watching and ready to try and cripple him again.  That is why he needed to be prepared.

That is why he is here now, within the sparring rings of Morthalion (and let's think about how much this reminds him of the Court), he knows this is his best bet at finding a spar quickly.  He was here to see if he could control himself better, could use the feeling when he needed to.  It was all about keeping a balance, one he had mastered long ago before the war but could now see that time had taken it away.

Avallac'h is aware that he slightly stands out as he enters a ring not in use.  Others here seem to fit the part of a 'fighter', and here he comes with his glaring red cloak in tow.  He should really get rid of the idiotic thing.  No matter, that is not important now.  Neck arched and demanding attention, Avallac'h tosses his head in a familiar move that swings his cloak to lay upon his back to keep it out of way.  He can't help the anxious flutter that runs through his stomach.  He's taken part in several spars during his time in Nordlys but this one was different.  Its setting was far too familiar.

He takes a calming breath.  “I seek a challenger.”  He speaks regally into the air, loud and calling for attention.  A familiar and daring smirk tugs at his lips.  “So come and humor an old man.”  He teases with a flick of his tail, body standing tall and proud as his feet shift to better brace him.  

Setting: Morthalion, Fighting Ring
Words: 325
Attack: 0/3 
Summary: Intro post. Seeking challenger
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